Olympic Figure Skater Says Brain Tumor Drew Him ‘Closer to God’

Photo from Scott Hamilton’s Instagram

Olympic Figure Skater Says Brain Tumor Drew Him ‘Closer to God’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Olympic gold medalist figure skater Scott Hamilton joined “The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe” podcast, revealing that his brain tumor was the best thing that ever happened to him.

“I love that brain tumor,” Hamilton began. “It’s a nuisance at times but generally, I have to be grateful in all things. When I’m struggling now, I’ve got to be grateful. If I’m going through a good easy period, I have to really be grateful.”

“When you step into the world of social media, you see a lot of things,” he added. “And you see a lot of people who are hurting and who are lost, that are just trying to show everybody how great they’re doing or how funny they are. It’s an artificial world, it’s not a real world. But a lot of people have dedicated their lives to it. And that’s good, as long as we understand who we are is meant to be in a community, interacting and serving others.”

Hamilton knows what community he’s meant to serve. He founded the “Scott Hamilton CARES Initiative, Cancer Alliance for Research.”

“The Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation is dedicated to changing the future of cancer by funding advanced, innovative research that treats the cancer while sparing the patient,” the foundation’s website reads.

Hamilton has overcome three brain tumors throughout his life. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, he said, “A pattern has emerged. Ultimately, this changes the way I approach treatment, but I have got time because I caught it early. Usually after surgery they stay away, but this one has decided to come back and we will figure it out.”

“Worry will not add one hour to my life, as it says in the good book,” he added. “I want to love every minute of my life. I’m not going to allow anything — whether it’s this or anything I’ve had in the past — throw me off enjoying myself.”

Ultimately, the brain tumors have helped Hamilton more than hurt him.

“This brain tumor has given me a lot more than it has taken away,” he revealed. “This is a brain tumor I was born with. Without it I wouldn’t have been in and out of hospitals for four years. Without this my parents wouldn’t have been so exhausted that they needed to give me a morning off, and the morning off they chose was a skating rink. There are no accidents.”

“When I learned of this diagnosis, two things came to my mind. I have to draw closer to God and I have to get physically strong,” Hamilton continued. “And I have been doing both.”

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