‘Our Hearts are Heavy’: Al Roker Announces Death of Dog Pepper

Photo from Al Roker’s Instagram

‘Our Hearts are Heavy’: Al Roker Announces Death of Dog Pepper

By Movieguide® Contributor

Al Roker’s beloved dog Pepper has died. 

“12 years ago, this sweet little girl named Pepper changed our lives,” the TODAY anchor announced via Instagram. “Yesterday, we had to say goodbye. While our hearts are heavy, they are also fuller because of all the love she bestowed on everyone who got to meet her.”

He also shared a slideshow of photos of Pepper over the years.

Roker’s wife, Deborah Roberts, also shared a touching tribute to Pepper. 

“She arrived on my birthday. Wasn’t even supposed to be ours. The rescue coordinator had promised the perfect pup for us. A beautiful mop looking mutt who would be gentle with kids,” she wrote. “Soon, Pepper became my shadow. My girl. Next to me whenever and wherever. Moping when I traveled. Looking for me around every corner. A spark in the occasional darkness. Just content to be near. How is it that a little spirit can so happily give and ask for nothing in return? Only Loving hugs.”

Roberts continued, “Today I woke up to a world without her. A quiet house. Her toys and beds …still. No wagging tail. Yet, Her warmth still lingering. Our hearts are aching. But wow. What a beautiful gift of memories she gave. We miss you dear Pep!”

Roker has previously spoken about Pepper, admitting that he was not expecting to love his dog as much as he did. 

“I always made fun of the people with those little rat dogs, but the great thing about Pepper is she’s small, but she has a big personality,” he told PEOPLE in 2019. “She runs, she chases stuff, she plays fetch. She’s not a lap dog, but you rub her belly and she’s yours. She’s the perfect dog.”

Movieguide® previously reported on surgery Pepper underwent earlier this year:

TODAY show weatherman Al Roker missed the Monday, May 6, broadcast after his dog underwent emergency surgery.

“Our little girl, Pepper had emergency surgery but is on the mend,” Roker wrote on Instagram. “She’s getting great care and is coming home tomorrow. Woof. You can sleep on our bed as much as you want.”

Roker’s wife, Deborah Roberts, also shared an update on Pepper.

“Gratitude. My heart is bursting with it today. Our littlest girl, Pepper, gave us quite a scare,” Roberts wrote. “She has survived an emergency surgery. But thankfully, Our strong girl is recovering. We are grateful for any and all prayers for our sweet doggie who has stolen our hearts for 12 years now.”

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