Parents of Suicide Victim Want Laws Against ‘Sexting’

The parents of an 18-year-old Cincinnati girl, who committed suicide after people distributed a nude photo of her sent to her boyfriend, are launching a national campaign for laws against “sexting” – the practice of sending or posting sexually explicit cell-phone photos.


Cynthia Logan, mother of Jessie, the teen in question, are attaching Jessie’s name to the campaign.


After the picture got around, Jessie was mercilessly taunted and called names, even by students who did not go to her school. No letters or calls were sent to parents about Jessie’s situation, and no charges were filed, by authorities, before Jessie suddenly committed suicide.


“We want a bill passed,” Cynthia Logan said. “It’s a national epidemic. Nobody is doing anything – no schools, no police officers, no adults, no attorneys, no one.”


Jessie was Cynthia and Albert Logan’s only child.


The family’s attorney has two websites set up for their campaign – wiredsafety.org and stopcyberbullying.org.


– Source:  Cincinnati.com, 03/22/09.