Pat Barrett Wants People to ‘Experience Communion’ During Tour

Photo from Pat Barrett’s Instagram

Pat Barrett Wants People to ‘Experience Communion’ During Tour

By Movieguide® Contributor

Worship leader and songwriter Pat Barrett is heading out on the “Beautiful Life Tour” this summer with special guest Patrick Mayberry. 

“There are certain aspects of faith that are meant to be shared, and I look forward to sharing not just the songs that have helped me the past couple of years, but hopefully other people as well and create a new experience for all of us,” Barrett said in a statement about the tour. “My hope in all these cities is to connect with people and experience communion together, not in the bread and wine sense, but in the connection sense.”

Barrett will be performing songs from his most recent album, “Shelter,” which was released in 2023.

“The more life you live, the more hurt that stacks up and the more things don’t go your way,” the singer told CCM Magazine of the album title’s inspiration. “You have to put all of that somewhere, and I want God to be the One I turn to in all of that, that He becomes a shelter. What else could possibly hold the complexity and the intensity and the joy and the suffering? What other place can handle all that?”

In an Instagram post celebrating the tour’s announcement, Barrett wrote, “I never take it for granted that I get the chance to have nights like these.”

Mayberry is also excited for this summer, writing, “SOOOOO PUMPED TO BE HITTING THE ROAD WITH PAT BARRETT THIS FALL!!! I’ve been a huge fan of Pat’s music for a long time and to share the stage with him is a dream come true!”

Movieguide® previously reported on Barrett’s music career:

In the years leading up to college, Pat Barrett was involved in leading worship, so come freshman year, he imagined that opportunities in music would come easy but found that not to be the case.

“It wasn’t like I was hoping my music would take off. It was more like I wanted to feel a sense of direction for my life that I didn’t feel…It felt like for the first time in my life, I was aimless,” Barrett admitted

One night Barrett brought his frustrations to God and what the Lord responded with “set the tone for the next twenty years” of his life, according to the 39-year-old. 

“I just had this sense that God was saying, ‘Patrick, you’re 18, and I have a lifetime to complete what I started.’ And that’s all I heard,” Barrett recalled. “Then all of a sudden, I realized that God plays the long game.” 

“That connected to so many areas of my life, and I don’t just mean career. There’s a reason why the scriptures talk about finishing a race. And not just running quickly at the beginning,” he went on to say

The Georgia native said that circumstances didn’t change overnight, but it changed his prayers from “out loud anxieties” to a posture of “quiet trust.” 

“I started to learn that at 18 — and I’m continuing to learn that at 38 — that if you want to walk with Jesus, you better get ready to slow down,” he said. “You can feel the rest of God knowing ‘Okay, Your terms, Your time,’ and I can either fill the gap with chosen anxiety or I can fill the gap with the ‘yes’ of trust.” 

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