Perry Como: Faith ‘Is A Word For Doing, Not Talking’

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Perry Como: Faith ‘Is A Word For Doing, Not Talking’

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Perry Como, one of the most popular crooners of his generation, reflected on the role faith played in his life and career in a 1953 article. 

Como shared that his father, who became an invalid in the last 15 years of his life, brought faith into their home. 

“At the time I didn’t understand all this,” Como explained. “I was 14. But I knew that my father was showing me how to believe in many ways. His last 15 years were years of pain, but they were the happiest years of his life.”

The singer went on to say that, as he started working as a singer and making money, his parents made sure he was focused on “the things money can’t buy.”

“Somewhere along the line Someone sure put His hand on my head,” Como said of his massive success. “I keep trying to deserve it.”

He continued, “We’ve got reason to be thankful, Roselle [his wife] and I. But we never talk about it. That kind of gratitude isn’t for conversation. Faith is a word for doing, not talking.”

Como then spoke of his children, Ronnie, David and Terri, and how their actions “reflect [his] own beliefs,” from the love they showed him to using their own money to buy gifts for each other. 

“I see it every Sunday when we all march off to church together, including the maid,” Como said. “And I see it shining when we sit down at the table. The kids won’t start eating unless Grace is said. Who do you think says Grace? The two small ones, Davey and Terri.”

He continued, “I pray just like my kids do. Were my prayers ever answered? If you believe, anything you think, do, or have is an answer to prayer. If you believe, you know that without anybody having to tell it to you. Then your heart’s at peace. If your heart’s at peace, everything else is. If it isn’t, everything else is wrong. That’s the way it always is.”

Como went on to say that everything in his life “has been the result of faith. The faith I found in my father’s house, and now find in my own house, and in my world.”

“I know now that with his illness and poverty, my father had wealth beyond money,” he continued. “His heritage to his children was greater than any fortune. That’s the only heritage a man can give his children while he’s alive. It’s the only one that becomes more precious after his death.”

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