Phil Robertson: ‘We Do Praise God’ After No Fatalities When Tornadoes Ripped Through Area

Photo courtesy of Phil Robertson Facebook

Phil Robertson: ‘We Do Praise God’ After No Fatalities When Tornadoes Ripped Through Area

By Allyson Vannatta, Senior Writer

DUCK DYNASTY’S Phil Robertson reports his family is OK after severe tornados wreaked havoc across much of the south starting Sunday evening and continuing into Monday.

In a statement to Fox News, Robertson said, “Our area was hit pretty hard by tornados.”

He continued, “Thankfully, our family was spared any damage, but our hearts go out to those in our community that suffered loss. We do praise God that there were no fatalities here and pray for recovery and restoration as we pull together to help each other through this.”

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards said it was “a miracle” that there were no deaths or serious injuries because of the tornados in Louisiana.

However, it wasn’t such good new across other states that had been hit. More than 30 people have died as a result of the storms that tore through parts of Texas to Mississippi and through the Georgia coast up to Virginia.

These terrible storms come at a time where millions of Americans are under safer-at-home orders due to the Coronavirus. The Robertson’s are under these same orders down in the Louisiana Bayou.

Movieguide® previously reported that Robertson told Fox News, “I am totally at peace in my life in the quarantine.”

He went on to explain how he’s “been self-quarantined from the world ever since” he gave his life to Jesus in the 70’s.

Please pray for the millions of Americans affected by the storms and that they put their hope and faith in the Lord during this hard time.

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