Phil Robertson’s Long-Lost Daughter Breaks Her Silence

Photo via Jase Robertson on Instagram

Phil Robertson’s Long-Lost Daughter Breaks Her Silence

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor

Phil Robertson’s long-last daughter, Phyllis, broke her silence on finding her father on his “Unashamed” podcast.

“I just see God in every step of the way,” said Phyllis. “I don’t believe in coincidences.”

Prior to giving his life to Christ, Phil led a worldly lifestyle. During this time, Phyllis was conceived but her mother never told her who her father was. Her sister would make comments like, “My dad isn’t your dad,” but it wasn’t until adulthood that Phyllis found out the truth.

“We could fill in a lot of blanks [about who my dad could be after doing a DNA kit] and then it kind of got down to just a few blanks and had it there and I’m like I think I know who this might be,” said Phyllis.

Phyllis wrote a letter to Phil and hand delivered it to Jase Robertson, the second son of Phil and Kay Robertson at church in December 2019.

Jase accepted it graciously and then forgot about it until another variation of the letter showed up at Duck Commander, the Robertsons’ workplace.

Phil agreed to DNA testing, and a few days later, they received a match. Two or three weeks after the confirmed match, Phyllis met Phil. 

“It was beautiful that everyone chose to reach out to us and include all of us,” said Phyllis.

The father/daughter duo shared a private intimate conversation upon meeting.

Although Phyllis was conceived out of wedlock, by the time she was born, Phil had given his life to Jesus.

Jase said, “You were born, and he was born again in the same year.”


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Yep, I have a sister. And she’s awesome. Listen to how my brothers and I found out by clicking link in my bio. God is good!

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On the pervious episode of Unashamed, Phil said, “It’s a pretty cool explanation of redemption, reconciliation, love.”

Phyllis’s family weren’t avid church goers like the Robertsons, but God guided her anyways.

“I always found a way to go to church and my testimony is that I stayed in school, graduated school and did well and wanted to do well in my relationship with the Lord,” said Phyllis. “Those two things are what brought me out of a childhood such that I had, and I think that’s just God’s grace.”

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