Phil Wickham Wants to ‘Light People’s Hearts Up for Jesus’

Photo from Phil Wickham’s Instagram

Phil Wickham Wants to ‘Light People’s Hearts Up for Jesus’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Christian artist Phil Wickham wants to see people on fire for God.

In an interview with CBN NEWS, the “I Believe” singer shared his heart for worship and the church.

“The Lord has put a real fire in my heart to absolutely love creating songs that light people’s hearts up for Jesus, and, specifically, our new prayers that we can sing together as worship songs,” Wickham said. “It’s a calling, and sometimes it takes some sacrifice, being away from home, all that.”

For Wickham, connecting people to Jesus and not to himself is what is important.

“When I hear a song is connecting with the church, I know that 98% of that church is not thinking about, or maybe more, they don’t know who I am, or not thinking about me. They’re just singing a new song to Jesus,” he explained. “And to think that that’s happening in churches, not just in the country but all over. It’s the biggest, hugest gift, and responsibility, and I just cannot, I don’t take one moment of that lightly.”

Wickham also explained how he wants to see America and beyond turn from sin and desire to follow Jesus.

“My prayer would [be for] amazing revival in the church that would light a fire in people’s hearts to turn from wickedness, and turn from stuff that’s just not of Jesus, and turn from the selfishness, and stop being judgmental, and start just showing the love of Jesus in a pure, and simple, and sweet way to the world,” he said. “Just a new revival in the church, because the church here is huge — just sometimes it can get a little sleepy, and I’m speaking from my own experience.”

Movieguide® previously reported on how Wickham’s song “I Believe” is about his desire to see people find faith in Jesus:

“There are so many people in a state of crisis of their faith. The people I know closely (are asking) – what is real? What do I believe? Then, you look outside of the church and outside the faith, obviously looking for hope.”

“In a crazy world that seems like it’s shifting every week, they’re looking for some solid rock to stand on, that’s not shifting underneath their feet. And I believe I’ve found it – with all my heart – in the person of Jesus,” Wickham said.

Wickham recently wrapped up his “I Believe” tour.

“I can’t believe I get to do this and I’m so thankful for the talented, amazing people I get to do it with. Truly, EVERY PERSON on this tour is pure gold. From the band to the crew and all in between. I’m beyond thankful for each one of you guys,” he posted on Instagram. “And I HAVE to say thanks to ALL OF YOU who joined us for these nights!! Y’all SOLD OUT this tour!!! Truly truly thankful for everyone who is walking with me and making these songs your own.”

He’s now gearing up for a busy summer ahead, starting with the Summer Worship Nights cruise with Brandon Lake. The duo will hit the road with their Summer Worship Nights tour in August.

“We can’t wait to see all of you on the road in August! Last year’s tour was LIFE CHANGING and we can’t wait to experience what God is going to do this year!” Wickham and Lake posted.

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