Polls Show McCain Voters and Fox Viewers Were More Informed

Two objective polls commissioned by documentary filmmaker John Ziegler of howobamagotelected.com shows clearly that people who voted for John McCain in the 2008 presidential election and watched Fox News were smarter and more informed than people who voted for Barack Obama and watched other news outlets.

For example, nearly twice as many McCain voters as Obama voters, 35% to 18%, got 10 of 13 news questions correct. Also, those who voted for McCain knew 56% to 43% that Obama’s Democrat Party controls the United States Congress, compared to only 43% to 41% for Obama voters.

Also, many more of those voters exposed to the Fox News Channel and talk radio (64%) got the Congress question correct compared to CNN (48%), netork news (48%), MSNBC (55%).

Furthermore, contrary to what popular belief may tell you, voters in the South were smarter than voters in the Northeast on the Congress question!

Of course, voters exposed to Fox News and talk radio were more likely than voters exposed to ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, and newspapers to have voted for McCain.

From this, can we conclude that liberals are uninformed lamebrains who need the Truth that will give them wisdom, knowledge and understanding – Jesus Christ ?

 – Source:  howobamagotelected.com and Wilson Research Strategies, 12/03/08.