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How FROZEN II Shows The Value Of Overcoming Fear With Love

Photo courtesy of Disney’s FROZEN on Instagram

How FROZEN II Shows The Value Of Overcoming Fear With Love

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor

FROZEN II voice actor Jonathan Groff’s character, Kristoff, embarks on a transformative journey in the new movie as he learns to overcome fear with love.

Filmmakers of FROZEN II weave this theme throughout the movie in many ways. For example, Anna (Kristen Bell) and Kristoff continue to date as boyfriend and girlfriend, but Kristoff wants more: marriage.

Comically, Kristoff attempts to propose to Anna several times, but to no avail. Despite the bumps in the road, Kristoff continues in his pursuit of love.

Male characters in the movie, like Kristoff, display very anti-politically correct gestures, like feeling one’s feelings and extol the traditional pursuit of a woman in marriage.

“Oftentimes, it’s girls that are singing about pining after a man and the frustration of not being able to express it. Or the man has left and now they’re alone singing about it,” Groff said.

In the movie, Groff’s character Kristoff has a 1980s ballad solo where he expresses his fears, but later he combats them with affection he feels for Anna and the others in his life.

Characters like Anna, Olaf and Elsa deal with fear too.

Groff believes that’s something that makes the FROZEN franchise so special.

Groff relayed, “I think that making the true love in the first film about familial love and making the center of the story these two sisters is part of what FROZEN does.”

Groff unpacked how the movie differs from other recent Hollywood stories, “[FROZEN II] continues to challenge your expectations of what the stories are,” said the GLEE alum. “I think for Kristoff, like Kristin [Bell] said earlier, ‘You feel what you feel and your feelings are real.’”

According to the Movieguide® review:

FROZEN II provides exceptional, funny, exciting entertainment, with powerful plot points, great animation and a beautiful soundtrack. The movie has a strong, somewhat allegorical, Christian, moral worldview. It exalts sacrifice, doing the right thing, friendship, marriage, prayer, and knowing truth. Media-wise viewers will also appreciate how the characters combat fear with love.

 FROZEN II hits theaters on November 22, 2019. Read the full review here.