Kanye West Just Shook the Country With JESUS IS KING

Kanye West Just Shook the Country With JESUS IS KING

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor

Kanye West released his IMAX® documentary movie, JESUS IS KING, with the same title as his new album.

JESUS IS KING doesn’t follow a standard format.

West works scripture into the movie to segment his songs with certain themes. Some examples are 1 Chronicles 16:25 and John 3:16, which share the powerful message of the Gospel.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life”- John 3:16 (NIV)

In addition to proclaiming the Gospel, West also showcases the beauty of God’s creation by observing nature as his soundtrack plays.

Stylistically speaking, there’s minimal dialogue as West features his Sunday Service choir with his own vocals.

The documentary is 38 minutes in length, which according to some cinephiles, puts it in the “short film” category. Within the short amount of time, West draws viewers into worship with a cinematographic feature using a fish-eye lens.

“Jesus Is King” released to mixed reviews from both the Christian and non-Christian audiences. West tackled this in his lyrics.

In one of West’s songs titled “Hands On,” he writes about judgment from the Christian community.

What have you been hearin’ from the Christians?
They’ll be the first one to judge me

I’ll admit, when West started his Sunday Services, I was skeptical.

However, after hearing his heart and humility behind this album and listening to it myself, my tune is different.

For instance, last week West declared that he “works for God,” on JIMMY KIMMELL LIVE!

For me, one of the most chilling moments in the movie features West, holding his youngest child, Psalm, as West sings his ballad, “Use This Gospel.”

The chorus of the song reads:

Use this gospel for protection
It’s a hard road to Heaven
We call on Your blessings
In the Father, we put our faith
King of the kingdom
Our demons are tremblin’
Holy angels defendin’
In the Father, we put our faith

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Speaking as someone who has followed West in the news for years, and now as his fellow sister in Christ, I am elated for this change of heart and to see the name of Jesus glorified in major cities across the country.

“Jesus Is King,” decorated Time’s Square.

#JesusIsKing was trending on Twitter upon the album’s release.

West hosted a church service in The Forum, one of Los Angeles’s classic stadiums, where he performed songs from his new catalog.

Instead of looking at West with cynicism for his life choices, I’d challenge you to consult scripture for how to handle his newfound faith.

The Gospel of Luke tells us that there is much rejoicing in heaven when a sinner repents. Let’s continue to rejoice with heaven and proclaim that indeed, Jesus is King.