Why THE CHOSEN Is Unlike Any Jesus Program You’ve Ever Seen

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Why THE CHOSEN Is Unlike Any Jesus Program You’ve Ever Seen

By Jessilyn Lancaster, Managing Editor

THE CHOSEN is unlike any Jesus program to date.

Gone are the actors who recite Bible verses in British accents.

Gone are the pristine robes and perfect sashes.

Gone is the stunted dialogue and cardboard personalities.

THE CHOSEN just feels … real. Episodes are like rugged snapshots into New Testament times.  Biblical characters have jobs, families, attitudes, flaws.

Simon Peter has a fiery temper but a soft spot for his wife. Mary Magdalene is demon-possessed but then transformed. Nicodemus has an insatiable appetite for knowledge and an earnest desire to know the truth about the Messiah. Matthew is calculated and obsessed with numbers. Zebedee is old but eager. John the Baptist legitimately looks like a crazed man who lives off grasshoppers. The Romans are pompous jerks. Thomas is incredulous and intrigued. The woman at the well is dirty, skeptical, rude, and then her eyes are opened.

Then there’s Jesus.

While the Gospel tells us Who Jesus is, THE CHOSEN shows Him having life-changing conversations and interactions. The actor speaks Scripture, but is far from the stoic, flat Jesus of movies past. He cracks jokes, He empathizes, He builds friendships, and, yes, He’s sassy.

“Playing the role of Jesus Christ is the preeminent honor, not only of my career but of my life,” Jonathan Roumie told FoxNews. “With this series, we’re afforded the opportunity to take our time with the greatest story ever told…and savor it.”

Roumie’s performances induce sobs. He adds depth to the stories many people have heard since childhood. Deliverance takes on a new meaning as viewers watch him cast demons out of friends. Freedom bubbles over as characters embrace the Master. Doubt fades as Scripture comes alive.

THE CHOSEN is having a profound effect as people watch faith transcend emotion.

VidAngel Co-Founder Jeffrey Harmon shared just how much of an impact is making around the world. In a LinkedIn post in mid-December, shortly after the debut of the full first season, Harmon wrote:

Rather than trying to ban Netflix’s Jesus, I would take a look at the MIND BLOWING STATS from the competing Jesus show “The Chosen”.

It also just launched, but completely outside of Netflix: -Its the first series in history to be launched to every country on earth simultaneously via its own app http://thechosen.tv/app

-It is the first series I am aware of to maintain a 9.9 of 10 on IMDb with over 500 reviews (this alone is blowing my mind).

-#1 most crowdfunded media project of all time at ~$11 million.

-52+ languages currently in translation using the crowd.

-Already published in 4 languages (Portuguese, Spanish, English and Polish).


-Over 350k people have downloaded the app

-70% of downloads are organic (aka viral)

-People from 156 countries around the world are watching, including China, Jordan, Israel, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Cuba…

-1.8 million episodes viewed

Our goal is to reach more than 1 billion people over the next 7 years. If Game of Thrones can do it, why not a series based on the best selling book of all time? hashtagsleeperhit hashtagnetflix hashtagjesus hashtagban hashtagviral hashtagchristmas

The eight episodes of season one are now available on VidAngel or through the app, The Chosen.

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