Popular Band Switchfoot Has a POWERFUL Connection to Louis Zamperini’s Story

Switchfoot Was Moved to Write a Song for UNBROKEN: PATH TO REDEMPTION Because Their Grandfather Was a POW

By Tess Farrand, Staff Writer

Popular band, Switchfoot was on hiatus from the music scene until the studio behind UNBROKEN: PATH TO REDEMPTION reached out to them. Their request? Write an original song for the new faith-based movie which follows the second half of Louis Zamperini’s faith journey after returning from Japan as a POW. When Movieguide® sat down with members of the band and brother duo, Jon and Tim Foreman, they revealed their personal appreciation for the project. Their grandfather, like Zamperini, was also a POW.

Lead singer and guitarist, Jon, who frequently shares his thoughts on his blog, wrote last year in the wake of the Charlottesville protest, about what he’d gleaned from his grandfather’s time in prison overseas. “My grandfather fought against the Nazis in WWII. He was shot down in Germany and held in a POW camp until the war ended.” He continued, “To see white supremacist Nazi flags roaming American streets is an insult to my grandfather. An insult to a nation whose creed is equality: ‘With liberty and justice for all.’ Forman’s passion for healing adds to his zeal for the new song.

UNBROKEN: PATH TO REDEMPTION shows the hardships Zamperini had to cope with when coming back to native soil. PTSD from being tortured while a prisoner in Japan, relational conflict and financial strain were all a part of his road to healing in Jesus. The Foreman’s see their grandfather in many of the men who had to go through huge reality adjustments after the war finished.

Tim, vocalist and bassist of Switchfoot told Movieguide, “trying to picture him in some of the scenes of the movie and themes of forgiveness and how he lives that out… that was very personal for us, it almost feels like a legacy piece…” When asked what it would be like to view UNBROKEN with their 99-year-old veteran grandfather, Jon said,” “I’d love to see this movie with him. It’d be so fun.”

Switchfoot is no stranger to collaborating in movies. In 2002, the Switchfoot songs “Dare You To Move” and “Only Hope” was featured on the soundtrack of A WALK TO REMEMBER. Also, in 2009, “This Is Home,” accompanied the movie THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: PRINCE CASPIAN. All the same, tackling the heavy themes of forgiveness, repentance and salvation in a song is a tough job when coming out of hiatus. “The song came to us rather than us chasing it down. We’re just so proud to be affiliated with this story,” Jon said. Tim followed with, “[it’s gotta be] honest about the questions, the doubts and all the hopes…”

Be sure to check out UNBROKEN: PATH TO REDEMPTION in theaters this weekend and read Movieguide®’s review here.

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