The Power of SON OF GOD


Tina Susanto, 51, came to City Blessing Church in 2007 when she moved to the United States from Indonesia. Susanto has been a “Christian” for 30 years, “but for 20 of those 30 years it was meaningless.” She didn’t know God very well and was fooling around with the idea of God. “I never took it seriously. Even though I called myself a Christian I never read the Bible, spent time with God or went to Bible study. It wasn’t until one day when a lady came up to me and invited me to Bible study did I start to change my ways. She taught me how to pray, read the Bible and develop my walk with God,” Susanto said.

From that moment on, Susanto’s life changed forever. Susanto decided to dedicate her life to Jesus and live a life that pleased and worshipped Him. While Susanto was starting to restore her relationship with God, she found out in 2010 a cancerous tumor was growing on the back of her head. For four years she kept this a secret. She didn’t dare tell anyone – not even her own family.

Ever since Susanto found out about the tumor she refused to see a doctor or a specialist. She trusted God and believed He would heal her. Susanto said, “I’m not scared of dying, why should I be scared? If you walk in God’s word and always put him first then you should not fear what will happen to you.”

It wasn’t until earlier this year, February 2014, did Susanto’s faith release her from her illness. When the movie Son of God was released Susanto felt a longing to go watch that movie. “I cried so hard and so much. When I saw Jesus being beaten I couldn’t stop crying. The Word came to my ear ‘HIS PAIN AND SUFFERING WILL HEAL MY SICKNESS.’ And all of the sudden the back of my head felt so very itchy. I started to scratch the tumor and I thought to myself, ‘how come I’ve never felt this itchiness before?’ Unexpectedly, the tumor started to bleed and water came out. I suddenly began to panic and was so scared. ‘Did I do something wrong? If I go to the emergency room how much is it going to cost? I cannot see a doctor; I don’t want my family to know. If I see a doctor everybody will find out.’”

That night Susanto couldn’t sleep. She was scared the bleeding would stain the sheets and her husband would find out. At that moment she didn’t know what to do except to pray.

The next morning Susanto woke up to a pain so bad she couldn’t stand it. “I felt like my head was cut, and I couldn’t shower because I was scared it would irritate it more.” The scab had dried and stuck to her hair. It was very dirty and uncomfortable for Susanto. Finally she gave in; the smell was so strong she didn’t want anyone to ask any questions. As she was washing her hair she could feel the dry skin peeling and in that moment she realized her bump was gone! “It’s flat! It’s gone! I ran to my son and showed him. I told him God healed me!” Even after God healed her she refused to see a doctor.

She finally told the rest of her family about her tumor and they were all so shocked and speechless. Her mother-in-law said one thing to her, “You take your life so lightly, how can you be this way?” Susanto replied, “When there is no way out, no exit, you are more than willing to turn to God. And when you depend fully on Him everything is different. Which way do you want to go? You want to go to a doctor or you want to turn to God?”

Susanto said through this whole experience she’s learned once you are desperate you give everything to God. During this entire journey she never went to go see a doctor. When her son saw this miracle happen to her, he too put his trust and life in Jesus.

“When I watched Son of God I cried non-stop because God showed me how Jesus was innocent and yet the humans, who are sinners, beat and ridiculed him. His pain and suffering healed my sickness. I thank God for this miracle. He is my dependence, my deliverer.” When Susanto told her family, who are strong Buddhists, about her miracle they could only say one thing, YOUR GOD IS GREAT.

We want to thank Mark Burnett and his wife Roma for making the movie Son of God. The Lord has used you both to bless so many people all around the world with the love and power of Jesus. Miracles are happening because of your love for Christ and your vision to be the light in a world of chaos and darkness. Bless your family in all your ways, may he continue to use you both wherever you may go and whoever you may meet.