Prayer Alert: NFL’s Ryan Switzer 9-Month-Old Son Experiences Bleeding, Stable After Surgery

Photo from Ryan Switzer’s Instagram

Prayer Alert: NFL’s Ryan Switzer 9-Month-Old Son Experiences Bleeding, Stable After Surgery

By Movieguide® Staff

NFL wide receiver Ryan Switzer invited his followers to pray for his 9-month-old son, who experienced unexplained bleeding and tested positive for COVID-19.

The Cleveland Browns player, 26, shared the scary initial incident on Twitter.

“I’m asking everyone that this tweet comes across to please just take a second and say a prayer for our son Christian. He’s 9 months and currently in the hospital after he woke up in his blood. He’s Covid positive,” Switzer wrote.

Switzer shares Christian with his wife, Gabie. The three of them went to the hospital so that surgeons could identify the source of the bleeding and scheduled surgery.

“We’re heartbroken this has happened to our baby boy, but we’re also overwhelmed by the amount of people who have reached out in support of Christian. This has been the toughest day of Gabie and I’s life. Please continue to pray Christian stabilizes and makes it through surgery,” Switzer updated fans ahead of Christian’s surgery.

After a long day of surgery, Switzer tweeted that Christian was stable and resting.

“The GI specialist found several sites of bleeding. He took samples that were sent off to biopsy to see what could be causing it, I guess. He’s stable right now and resting,” Switzer wrote, adding in a separate tweet: “It’s going to be a long day or so until the results of the tissue come back. Please pray for our baby. And please add my wife to the prayer list as she has to be strong for the both of us at the hospital.”

According to People, Gabie shared on her Instagram story that her husband isn’t allowed to be in the hospital with her and Christian. “Feeling thankful he’s safe and stable right now, but also anxious for answers,” she said.

Switzer’s most recent update said that Christian was finally improving.

“Christian is being moved from the ICU to the floor today! There were no more bleeding spells over night and all of his labs remained normal. We’re still waiting on his tissue biopsies from surgery but, we’re thankful his health and his mood are slowly improving,” Switzer said.

Ryan and Gabie welcomed Christian on May 25.

Join us in praying for Christian and the Switzer family.