Producer Recalls His Prayer for JESUS REVOLUTION: Lord, ‘It is Now Yours’

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Producer Recalls His Prayer for JESUS REVOLUTION: Lord, ‘It is Now Yours’

By Movieguide® Contributor

JESUS REVOLUTION’s producer Kevin Downes is sharing some of the inspirational moments the movie has inspired, on set and in theaters. 

Before JESUS REVOLUTION hit theaters, Downes said he felt “peace in my heart.”

“I remember praying, ‘Lord, just take this film. It is now yours. Whatever happens, happens,’” he explained. “And that was two weeks before the release.”

JESUS REVOLUTION has made almost $40 million at the box office and its release coincided with the Asbury revival, a worship session on a college campus. 

“What’s funny is — people think that we had something to do with it,” Downes laughed. “We had nothing to do [with it]. Please, people, we’re not that smart.” 

These revivals aren’t the only real-world events that have seemingly been influenced by the release of JESUS REVOLUTION. Downes also spoke of spontaneous prayers happening outside theaters. 

“We’re seeing videos of revival going on in movie theaters,” Downes said. “We’re seeing … outbursts of prayer and worship happening outside of the theater or inside the auditorium after the film. And it’s just so encouraging because, literally, that was our heart.”

He also revealed that the spirit of worship was there during the production of JESUS REVOLUTION — specifically, a baptism scene. Downes shared a memory of actor Jonathan Roumie, who played Lonnie Frisbee and was conducting baptisms in the scene, coming up to talk to him after shooting the scene. 

“[Jonathan] goes, ‘You’ll never believe what happened,’” he said. “And I’m like, ‘What?’ And he goes, ‘I just baptized people for real.’”

Downes continued, “We felt it on set when we were doing the baptisms. I’ve never felt that kind of spiritual power on a day of filming ever in my life, and I think it bleeds through the screen. I think you feel it in the movie.”

Movieguide® previously reported on the JESUS REVOLUTION on-set baptisms:

While directing the baptism scene in JESUS REVOLUTION, filmmaker Jon Erwin witnessed a dozen movie extras and one actor make real-life decisions to follow Christ and get baptized during filming at Pirates Cove in Newport Beach, California.

The making of JESUS REVOLUTION has already left an undeniable mark on Erwin who is a writer, director, and producer of the movie, which is scheduled to be released worldwide by Lionsgate Films on February 24.

“I have never experienced the kind of spiritual power making something as in making this movie,” Erwin, who’s many film credits include I Can Only Imagine, told Think Eternity recently.

He said the big moment came when the film’s crew and cast along with hundreds of extras went to Pirates Cove, where many baptisms in Southern California during the Jesus Movement of the late 60s’ and early 70s’ took place.

The cove includes rock formations creating an amphitheater-like setting overlooking a small beach and a bay with calm waters off Newport Harbor. Baptisms still take place at the nearly-hidden cove.

“I just insisted that we go back to the real location (Pirates Cove), which is not really film friendly,” Erwin said. “There’s jagged rocks and I have to tell (the film crew) to get equipment over them. One could say, as we do in many films, that we probably could fake it somewhere else and get the same look.

“But I really felt like I wanted to go back to the very place that this started. And in my entire film career, I’ve never felt a day like that.”

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