Property Brothers Find Work-Life Balance After Starting Scott Brothers Entertainment

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Property Brothers Find Work-Life Balance After Starting ‘Scott Brothers Entertainment’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Twin Brother’s and HGTV Starts Drew and Jonathan Scott opened up about their work-life balance after the start of Scott Brothers Entertainment.  

Jonathan told The Hollywood Reporter, “A lot of people don’t realize the scope of our business — that we produce as many other shows as we do or actually manufacture 10,500 different products.” 

With Scott Brothers Entertainment, the duo produces all of their own shows. However, at the start, they were just on-air talent.  

Drew stated, “Jonathan and I started pitching ourselves to the networks in Canada. One of the network heads said, ‘You guys are great, I like your ideas, but we’d never give money to you. We need to give it to a trusted production company.’ We found one — but then, as we grew and learned production, we ended up buying the IP for our brand and starting our own production company [Scott Brothers Entertainment].” 

When asked what challenges they faced when gaining that control Jonathan stated, “I only had six days off in all of 2014. In 2015, I had 13 days off. Becoming producers was us saying that we needed to find work-life balance. They can’t just have me working every single day to try and get these projects done. We were already producing three to four times more content annually than any other host on the network. It was affecting my health. I needed to recoup and energize. That didn’t happen until we finally took over production.” 

Movieguide® recently reported the Property Brother’s debut of their animated children’s show:  

 A new generation will be introduced to PROPERTY BROTHERS, Drew and Jonathan Scott, when their animated children’s series BUILDER BROTHERS DREAM FACTORY debuts at the end of this month.  

“This series is one of our most personal projects to-date,” Drew Scott said. “Now that we have our own kids, we are more attuned to sharing the values our own parents instilled in use, but in a fresh and familiar way that resonates with families everywhere.”  

The series will portray the Scott brothers, along with BFFs Mel and Ayana, as a couple of typical kids using their imagination, creativity and heart to help friends solve problems in the neighborhood.  

“We are so proud of this show and are excited for families to experience the creative world of the Builder Brothers. Audiences can expect to see the same amount of wit, imagination, and creative construction as they always do from Drew and Jonathan,” Armory Millard, vice president of kids at Scott Brothers Entertainment, said.   

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