Pure Flix CEO Believes Christian Media ‘Will Continue to Get Better and Better’

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Pure Flix CEO Believes Christian Media ‘Will Continue to Get Better and Better’

By Movieguide® Contributor

In a recent interview, Pure Flix CEO Michael Scott confronted the criticism that Christian movies are “cheesy.”

“Especially years ago, I’d hear it even more and more–‘Oh, it’s cheesy, it’s not that good, the acting is terrible,” Scott said.

When asked how he would respond to this criticism, Scott responded, “I would say first off, which films have you seen, and let me give you three or four to go watch.”

Scott recognizes how Christian content has drastically improved over the past decades, thanks to more talented casts and crews, as well as better funding.

“The more people that come out and watch this content…that means [studios] say, ‘Oh, there’s an audience here.’ And more filmmakers, more actors, and more money flows make better content,” Scott said. “I think as long as the audience wants it and supports us, it will continue to get better and better.”

Shedding the “cheesy” title has also allowed Christian media to attract ever more popular actors. Last year, Pure Flix debuted an original movie, LEGACY PEAK, featuring Lucas Black of the FAST AND FURIOUS series. Carrie Alexander of THE GOLDBERGS starred in STRONG FATHERS, STRONG DAUGHTERS.

Pure Flix, in particular, has also benefitted from the controversies surrounding other streaming services such as Netflix and Disney+.

“I think anytime you see major controversies, it definitely drives people to our platform because we are the opposite,” Scott said. 

“People ask, ‘Why do you exist?’ I say we exist to be a light in the darkness through the power of storytelling,” he explained. “Our stories are about hope, forgiveness, redemption, inspiration. I think those things are so important in our divided society today.” 

Scott added, “If we can draw people closer to God versus further away, then I think we’ve really done something that’s special.”

Scott emphasized that, while the ultimate message behind a Christian media piece will always point toward the Gospel, Christian media companies have realized that the story itself doesn’t have to fit into a narrow choice of options.

For example, Angel Studios’ upcoming movie falls into the sci-fi genre for the explicit purpose of appealing to a broader audience.

Movieguide® previously reported on this upcoming movie:

Angel Studios, the studio behind THE CHOSEN, has started filming their first original theatrical release, a Sci-Fi movie called THE SHIFT.

“[THE SHIFT is] a story about a guy’s harrowing journey through the multiverse back to what matters most to him, and the formidable adversary he battles at every turn,” writer and director Brock Heasley shared.

THE SHIFT will deal with life’s most significant questions through characters who follow biblical truth.

The story takes many cues from the book of Job, as the main character, Kevin, will fight to hold onto hope in the face of crushing despair. Through this, Angel Studios hopes to follow C.S. Lewis’s example by creating a truth-affirming story that is intriguing to both Christian and non-Christian audiences.

THE SHIFT will feature a star-studded cast including Neal McDonough (BAND OF BROTHERS), Sean Astin (LORD OF THE RINGS), Kristoffer Polaha (WONDER WOMAN 1984), Rose Reid (FINDING YOU), John Billingsley (STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE) and Emily Rose (HAVEN). Liz Tabish, Paras Patel and Jorden Walker Ross from THE CHOSEN will also be featured.

“I really, really strongly believe in this project. If you are a fan of THE CHOSEN, it’s going to make sense spiritually, and also artistically,” said Dallas Jenkins, creator of THE CHOSEN. “THE SHIFT is a project in which truth is dominant and God is present, and we desperately need that.”

Jenkins is an executive producer on the project.

THE SHIFT is expected to release late in 2023.

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