Reaching Baby Boomers Before They Die

Aging Baby Boomers in the United States currently number about 76 million people, representing a large number of individuals crying out for spiritual, moral and psychological fulfillment.
The key to reaching these people for Jesus Christ, both in and out of church, requires a discernment of their attitudes.
For example, according to a study by AARP, only 13% of Baby Boomers reported a high level of confidence in organized religion. They also have a penchant for personalized spirituality, a religious ethic embracing autonomy and freedom of choice, and fulfillment in the here and now as well as salvation and fulfillment in the hereafter.
The question is, can these feelings and attitudes be met without distorting the truth of Christianity or watering down the Word of God, the Bible?
Of course, more conservative, Bible-believing evangelical churches seem to be growing, while more liberal mainstream churches are having difficulty surviving, so the key to real church growth is by preaching the crucified and resurrected historical Christ, having in-depth Bible studies that apply the Word of God in its full divine and historical infallibility, and promoting evangelism of the lost and discipleship of the saved.