Redeeming Academia

There are several critical spheres of influence that need to be redeemed by Christians in order to set the culture on a more civilized path. One is the area where MOVIEGUIDE® is working, the mass media. Another is government. And, another is academia.

There are several groups working in the academic world to evangelize, to disciple and to influence the institutions shaping the minds of our youth. One of these is the Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies: An International Journal of Interdisciplinary and Interfaith Dialogue. JIS publishes academic papers that explore the human condition in light of Christian understanding. It has published several articles about our work and articles by us. It goes deeper to look into the global economy, Islam, the news media, tolerance in Croatia, and many subjects from an academic point of view.

Their work is important and to be commended. We recommend that you order Vol. 20 for 2008, with articles about THE CULTURE-WISE FAMILY and an excerpt from there. If you like what you read, you should subscribe to the journal. For more information, please contact: Institute for Interdisciplinary Research 1065 Pine Bluff Drive Pasadena, California 91107-1751 info@JIS3.org www.JIS3.org