Sadie Robertson Huff Encourages Followers to Engage with Others through Community

Photo from Sadie Robertson Huff’s Instagram

Sadie Robertson Huff Encourages Followers to Engage with Others through Community

By Movieguide® Contributor

In a new episode of her Whoa, That’s Good podcast, Sadie Robertson Huff shared a meaningful quote from David Platt about being in community and listening to others, adding her thoughts on the statement. 

“What might happen if we spent less time posting, commenting, and tweeting about one another and more time being with one another?” the quote read. “What might happen if we had the courage to leave our echo chambers and listen to people who believe differently from us?”

“I just love that,” Huff said of the quote, pointing out “the courage it takes to engage and to listen, to love, to show up.”

Reflecting on the Passion Conference, she sees it as a “good example” of hearing from speakers who may have some different views from one another or the conference organizers. 

“As a leader—I’m leading a ministry now—and whenever I ask speakers to come I think really hard because this is representing something that I’m putting out there.”

However, she recognizes that “you kind of have to let go of wanting to control everything” and let the “church be the church…the Bride of Christ.” 

“You just have to let God be God and us be His people,” she went on.

Huff concluded by encouraging her listeners to learn from others by spending time with them.

“For those listening who don’t run a ministry or have a conference, in the same way, who do you invite to your dinner table?” she asked. “Who do you invite into your home? Who are you calling? Who are you having conversation with?”

Huff frequently gives advice to her podcast listeners. Movieguide® previously reported:

Sadie Robertson Huff recently sat down with Jimmy Darts for a conversation on her Whoa That’s Good podcast, where the two talked about the power of generosity. 

“You have access to everything you need right now to live in a posture of putting others first,” Huff captioned a video clip of the conversation. “You don’t need crazy funds or an organization, you legit can start with the simple act of letting other people get before you in line. Don’t wait for someone else to start a random act of kindness, go out and start it yourself.”

The video showed Huff and Darts talking about how simply buying someone a drink at Starbucks could make that person’s day. 

Darts pointed out that today’s culture can be “selfish” and “self-centered,” and acts of generosity can mean a lot to people. 

“To do something like that is so powerful,” he added. 

For those who have limited financial resources, Darts encourages simple acts of kindness like opening a door or letting someone jump ahead of you while in line at the grocery store.

“Just that will probably shake them, and they’ll be so confused in an amazing way,” he explained. “You do not need funds at all to be able to bless people.”

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