Sadie Robertson Huff Inspires Girls to Build the Kingdom of God

Photo from Sadie Robertson Huff’s Instagram

Sadie Robertson Huff Inspires Girls to Build the Kingdom of God

By Movieguide® Staff

Former DUCK DYNASTY star and Movieguide® Awards Gala Host Sadie Robertson Huff used her Instagram platform to inspire the girls who follow her to use their voices to impact the Kingdom of God.

“I talk to so many girls who say ‘I want to start the thing but I’m afraid,'” Huff began her post.

She continued:

• i want to start a YouTube channel
• i want to audition
• i want to put in my application

… fill in the blank for yourself


• of what people with say and think
• that I won’t be good enough
• that no one will watch it, read it, listen to it

Huff than began to take her followers to church.

“Can I encourage you friend? There is no fear or pressure on you in building the kingdom of God, but there is a lot of fear and pressure in trying to build an empire for yourself. We aren’t called to build our own empire – we are called to build HIS kingdom,” she wrote.

“To be honest it’s not about you being good enough, known enough, well spoken enough, smart enough or even enough… it’s about the fact that God gave you life for such a time as this to be the light of the world,” she continued before quoting Matthew 5:14-16.

“You don’t have to be ‘the best’ to make a massive impact. If only the best did things then not much would be happening in the world. And in reality you were born the best for the task God has set before you. So this is your friendly reminder TO GO DO IT!” Huff concluded. 

What are you holding back on out of fear?


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