Sadie Robertson Huff Shares Gospel of Forgiveness to Incarcerated Women

Photo from Sadie Robertson Huff’s Instagram

Sadie Robertson Huff Shares Gospel of Forgiveness to Incarcerated Women

By Mpovieguide® Staff

Author and Christian speaker Sadie Robertson Huff recently visited a Florida prison to share the hope of Jesus.

Robertson Huff encouraged the incarcerated woman to confess their sins and find freedom and peace from their past mistakes in Christ.

“Under the blood of Jesus, I believe that you are a woman after the Lord’s heart. I believe that you are a daughter of the king. I believe that God sees you as pure as snow,” she told the inmates. “So ladies today, no matter the consequences you are facing, I believe that you’re forgiven today and the shame will turn to praise.”

“Your mistake might have changed your life, but it doesn’t have to define your life,” she added. “It doesn’t matter what your past looks like but you can literally be forgiven today, be forgiven by the grace of God because of what Jesus has done for you. The spirit of the Lord, the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead can be alive in you today and you can be a hero of faith.”

According to God Behind Bars, Robertson Huff shared the good news of the Gospel to 343 women.

“I think some of you are so used to looking in the mirror and seeing your past mistake, just seeing your sin and seeing your shame,” she said. “But I want to tell you that when God the Father looks at you he does not see your sin he sees his son. He does not see your sin, he sees his forgiveness. He doesn’t see your sin, he sees his holiness—when you are under the blood of Christ.”

She continued: “So some of you just need to get under the blood. You need to get under the blood of Christ. You need to be forgiven for your sins, have a moment of confession and say, ‘God, forgive me of my sin.’”

The God Behind Bars also shared video of inmates being baptized on their Instagram.

“87 incarcerated women raised their hands to follow Jesus inside of a Florida prison. 41 women were baptized in the prison chapel! Some of the women accepted Christ and were baptized that same day. 343 women filled every seat on the prison compound to hear the name of Jesus preached. Jesus is moving in this prison!”


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