Saints LB Demario Davis Praises God for Miraculous Healing: ‘God Did That’

Photo from Demario Davis’ Instagram

Saints LB Demario Davis Praises God for Miraculous Healing: ‘God Did That’

By Movieguide® Contributor

New Orleans Saints linebacker Demario Davis revealed how God healed him from an injury that should have prevented him from playing in a Week 7 game.

The linebacker immediately opened the press conference with Matthew 19:26, which says, “With man, this is impossible, but with God, all things are possible.”

“That was just a small picture of a more impossible situation that was about to become possible,” Davis said, referencing a seemingly impossible family scheduling conflict that God worked out.

He continued, “I understand that, you know, in our business, you’re not supposed to talk about medical things, and so I won’t talk about it too much, but a lot of people don’t realize last game I sustained an injury to my knee. Not to go in any details, but medically, there was a zero percent chance that I’d be playing today. It was impossible, literally, medically if you looked at it, scientifically if you looked at it, it was impossible for me to be out here.”

“I gotta praise our organization because they had to step out in faith to let me test it out this morning before the game,” Davis continued. “I was able to go in and test my knee before the game, and I felt nothing, and I played in a game when it was a 0% chance that I would be playing in a short week and three days.”

“God did that. So, the only reason I got to talk about it is because I got to give praise where it’s due. Revelation 3:8 says, ‘I know the works, and behold there’s an open door before you because you have kept my word and have not denied my name.’ If we keep God’s word and we don’t deny his name, we can see the impossible become possible in our lives,” he said.

Davis finished the game against the Jacksonville Jaguars with four total tackles, three of which were solo tackles. Jacksonville beat New Orleans 31-24.

Davis frequently shares his faith during postgame interviews. Movieguide® recently reported:

After the New Orleans Saints’ game against the New England Patriots, Davis shared his faith again.

“Well, I’ve been preaching at the podium in the past couple times, and they keep asking me to come back. So, I guess I’ll keep on preaching,” the linebacker began.

“Firstly, praise God,” he continued. “What a wonderful game today.”

The Saints secured a dominant victory over the Patriots (34-0) on Sunday.

“I think after a game like that, it’s very easy to praise us, praise our team, but it’s the Lord’s Day,” he went on to say. “So, I’m always conscious to try to deflect that praise or I want to be conscious to deflect that praise to Him.”

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