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Save a Whale, Kill a Baby? The Mass Media’s Connection to the Eco-Terrorist Attack on the Discovery Channel


By Dr. Tom Snyder, Editor


The murderous intent behind the mass media’s hysteria over climate change, global warming, pollution, deforestation, oil exploration, and “overpopulation” was fully on display this week in the eco-terrorist attack on the Discovery Channel’s headquarters in Maryland.


Years ago, I read an award-winning science fiction novel about chemical pollution and ecological disaster in the United States. At the end of the novel, the British hero tells an American TV audience that the only solution to the pollution problem is to kill all the people in America, the most “wasteful” nation on earth.


This week, a rabid follower of Vice President Al Gore’s environmentalist hysteria and fan of Gore’s movie AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH, threatened to

blow up some hostages at the Discovery Channel’s headquarters in Maryland. The eco-terrorist’s writings are full of turgid prose about the breeding of “parasitic human infants,” society’s “disgusting religious-cultural roots” and placing the lives of insects and animals above that of human beings.



Happily, the police shot the man to death when he pointed a gun at one hostage. Though the perpetrator may be dead, however, Al Gore and Hollywood’s environmentalist, “green” hysteria [remember, Hollywood gave Gore’s movie an Oscar, despite all its erroneous science] is not.


For years, the mass media has been parroting the environmental movement and Al Gore’s hysterical warnings about global environmental disaster and man’s use of animals fro food, clothing and shelter. Meanwhile, all the evidence against their hysteria, including evidence that “climate change” activists are falsifying the data, has been almost completely overlooked and irrationally demonized.


Be that as it may, however, the event in Maryland proves what thousands of scientific studies have shown – namely, that the media, including books like Mr. Gore’s and movies like AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH, can sway people’s opinions and even incite them to violence.


Thus, although there’s nothing wrong with getting passionate about social and political issues, we have to be careful when we do. Without being filtered through the Christian Gospel of God’s Peace, Love, Truth, and Faith, such passion often goes awry and leads to the kinds of hysteria we see in Al Gore and his buddy, the eco-terrorist who attacked the Discovery Channel.


The environmentalist movement has become a cultic, pagan movement divorced from the Word of God, the Bible, and its commands to establish dominion over the earth and to “be fruitful and multiply.”


It’s time to bury this movement and its anti-scientific hysteria, just as the body of the Discovery Channel eco-terrorist will soon be buried.