School Shooter in Germany Played Violent Video Game, Liked Horror Movies

Two reports about a 17-year-old school shooter in Winnenden, Germany who murdered 15 people say that the teenager not only played a violent video game that involves killing people to complete missions but also had a large collection of horror movies.

The shooter targeted mostly females, killing eight female students and three female teachers.

The teenager used a gun from his father’s collection of 15 firearms. The father was a member of the local gun club and kept all the weapons locked away except for the handgun, which was kept in the bedroom.

Countless scientific studies have shown that depictions of violence in the mass media are a causal factor in violence and aggression by children and teenagers, affecting some youths more strongly than others.

MOVIEGUIDE® strongly warns parents and teachers to keep children and teenagers away from violent movies, television programs and video games.

– Source:  Associated Press and Xinhua News, 03/11/09.