Security Risk!?

By Everett Piper

The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) just identified those US citizens who are focused on “right wing issues” as security risks!

Does anyone but me hear the voice of George Orwell echoing through the halls of our Capital, our culture, our corporations, our churches and our Country right now?

Who defines what these dangerous right wing issues are? The Fed? The DHS? The Congress? The President? Or maybe ACORN, the ACLU, NAMBLA, PETA, George Soros, Michael Moore, or even your State’s governor or your local police chief? Does it concern you that someone who proudly and myopically wears the label of “Left” is now declaring that those on the “Right” are a security risk because of your “extreme” and singular focus?

And by the way, what is a Right Wing extremist? Is it someone who advocates for pro-life legislation? Is it someone who believes in traditional standards of sexual morality? Is it that “dangerous” person who argues in the public square for lower taxes? How about the radical “closed minded” soul who dares to call for open debate on environmental policy? In additional to these dangerous goofs we surely must add the “right wing loons” who think that tightening our national boarders will actually be a good thing for national security? Finally, it surely is beyond question that the most dangerous people in our society are those rednecks who believe in school choice and the unalienable and self-evident reality of parental rights – Right?

I guess Big Brother has decided that a person with a “right wing” fixation on the pursuit of truth (versus the “tolerant” propagation of political fads) is a security risk?!

But what about those who focus on left wing issues? Is Socio-Political Relativism a security risk? How about nationalizing our economy? Does that enhance or impede the security of our jobs? Does Neo-Marxism compromise our freedom? Does sexual nihilism bring greater social, physical or economic security for women and children? Then there is the question of Global Warming (or I guess we call it “Climate Change” when weather patterns become some of the coldest in recent history). Does this blind faith and corresponding religious zeal for pantheistic Goreism (i.e., modern day Gnosticism?) enhance our national security? Finally, let’s consider the post-modern aversion for a robust debate on nearly all matters that deviate from the wisdom of the Elite? Is such intellectual foreclosure a security risk?

Oh, a final question:  How about those who employ ad hominem attacks on those with whom they disagree:  those who label conservatives single issue right wingers? Is their “singular” ignorance of the elementary principles of Socratic logic a security risk? Do you feel more secure knowing that some bureaucrat or politician at the highest levels of political power can unabashedly employ non sequitur fallacies to falsely align any person on right of a given topic with a compromise to national security? Do you feel safe knowing that this tactical use of rhetorical slight of hand (i.e., dishonesty) is actually accompanied by a straight face – Or perhaps a sly grin?

This is simply incredible. And, I mean this in the technical sense of the word – These worn out PC positions lack any credibility. They make no sense. They betray any elementary understanding of the basic principles of freshmen level logic. Those propagating these views are saying that people who are conservative and who disagree with the progressive/liberal mantras of our day are “single issue right wingers” and are therefore a literal SECURITY RISK to the wellbeing of the United States of America!  This is simply amazing – It is in-credible!

A free society that sits on its hands, remains silent and watches Orwell’s 1984 unfold before its very eyes will surely not be free in the days and weeks ahead. We have chosen leaders (in all three branches of our government) who are hell-bent (perhaps literally) on completely restructuring the socio-political context of our Country and culture. In a few short months there will be millions of us who are not nearly as free as we thought our Constitution guaranteed because we have just been branded “Security Risks!”

This is the foolishness of “man’s wisdom” run amuck. . . .

As we are told in the Proverbs – God literally laughs at such “wisdom!”

Editor’s Note:  Dr. Piper is the President of Oklahoma Wesleyan University. Associated with Chuck Colson’s Breakpoint and Centurions programs, Dr. Piper writes routinely for, Breakpoint Worldview Magazine and other periodicals. He is a frequent speaker on Christian education, Biblical worldview, and applied apologetics in both regional and national venues. For more information, go to This article is used by permission.


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