Moviegoers Prefer Clean Movies Without Explicit Sex, Nudity, Foul Language, and Rampant Immorality, Annual Report Shows Again


By now, everybody has heard the saying, “Sex sells.” Well, that has never really been true, and it wasn’t true in 2011, especially if you look at what kind of movies the average moviegoer prefers.


For the 20th year in a row, the Annual Report to the Entertainment Industry by Movieguide®:  The Family Guide to Movies and Entertainment shows clearly that moviegoers prefer movies with no explicit sex, nudity, foul language, or rampant immorality.


“This was abundantly clear in 2011,” said Dr. Ted Baehr, founder and publisher of Movieguide®. “In fact, the more foul language, sex, nudity, or immorality in a movie, the less money it tended to earn.”


Movieguide® also measured miscellaneous amounts of immorality, such as lying, stealing, blackmail, extortion, greed, envy, racism, jealousy. Movies with no miscellaneous immorality made nearly four times more money than movies with extensive or extreme amounts of miscellaneous immorality.


“We have found similar results in practically all of our previous studies,” Dr. Baehr noted.


Dr. Baehr released highlights of the 2012 Annual Report to the Entertainment Industry Friday night at the 20th Annual Faith & Values Awards Gala at the Universal Hilton Hotel, attended by the top industry leaders who have made the cleanest, most inspiring movies and television programs of the year.


Movieguide® has been analyzing the content of movies and comparing box office numbers since 1991. The annual studies since 1996 have been particularly comprehensive. Generally, the top movies making $750,000 or more at the box office in Canada and the U.S. are analyzed.


** Foul Language in 2011 Movies


Movies with No Foul Language Earn the Most!







** Sexual Content in 2011 Movies

Movies with No Sex Earn the Most!








** Nudity in 2011 Movies*

Movies with No Nudity Do Best!



* Note:  N means movies with naturalistic nudity, just as upper male nudity in a swimsuit.

** Miscellaneous Immorality in 2011 Movies


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