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Showtime, Viacom Mock Christian Teachings at Comic-Con

Showtime is not a channel your children should watch. It’s probably not a channel adults should watch either.

Showtime, a pay service owned by CBS/Viacom, arrived at Comic-Con in San Diego last month worse than expected…and we weren’t really expecting much from them to begin with.

A new Showtime advertising campaign at the Comic-Con perverted Christian teachings in order to promote several of its for adult content programs. For example, along the side of one bus, Showtime plastered ads saying, “Showtime Saves” and “Love thy neighbor.”

Apparently, these misappropriations of Christ’s teachings were an abhorrent attempt to promote the sordid “love” affairs portrayed on Showtime’s awful series CALIFORNICATION.

“Of course, throwing Christendom under the bus is nothing new for Viacom,” reports Media Really Matters. “The company has worked tirelessly to undermine Judeo-Christian values for decades. However, this latest sanctimonious promotion may have finally pushed them over a cliff with millions of God-fearing Americans.”

Showtime might think itself clever by outlining their depraved characters in golden sun-ray halos, but this is more than irony. It’s blasphemy.


– Source: Media Really Matters, 08/04/11.