Simon Cowell Hopes Son Follows His Career, Will ‘Start at the Bottom’

Simon Cowell Hopes Son Follows His Career, Will ‘Start at the Bottom’

By Movieguide® Contributor 

While AMERICA’S GOT TALENT judge Simon Cowell hopes his son follows in his footsteps, the TV personality says his son will have to make his name for himself without any handouts. 

While on the red carpet for AMERICA’S GOT TALENT, Cowell told Fox News Digital, “l would be delighted if he would take over the reins. But he’s never once said to me, ‘I want to be a music producer or a television produce[r].'”

“He’s really into animals. He could be a vet or something to do with sea life, I don’t know,” he added.

“But if he did say to me, ‘I want to do what you did,’ I would encourage him,” he continued. “However, I would say to him, ‘But you’ve got to start at the bottom like I did.’ Right? ‘You’re not going to get a producer’s job straightaway.'”

“‘You’re going to have to be a runner, like I did, and you’re going to learn,” Cowell finished. 

Cowell shares a son, Eric, 9, with fiancée Lauren Silverman.

While filming AMERICA’S GOT TALENT, he would sometimes bring Eric to set. Cowell always thought filming was better when his son was around. 

“I was looking at him at times and he was on his chair…dancing around and he was just having the best time. So, I love having him down here with me,” Cowell said.

“He’s a great barometer,” Cowell shared with PEOPLE. “I look over to look at him, ‘Is he having a good time?’ And he was having a really good time when he’s up on his seat, excited. [It] is the best thing, because with kids, it’s all unfiltered.”

Cowell also told PEOPLE that Eric plays the drums. 

“He’s a good drummer. He really is. Thank God it wasn’t violin, it was drums. And he’s really good. I mean, he’s in time. He’s in rhythm,” he explained. 

Since becoming a father to Eric, Cowell expressed the grace he’s offered to younger performers on the show. 

“I have a son, I have much more empathy for the younger acts,” Cowell expressed to Fox News last year.


Movieguide® previously reported on Cowell: 

Cowell credits his son for softening his heart and connecting more with the contestants he sees on stage.

“I have a son, I have much more empathy for the younger acts,” Cowell told Fox News.”The truth is you want everyone to succeed. I just get frustrated when people … don’t do well or make their own decision … It’s frustrating.”

The infamous judge says he really does want the contestants to succeed.

“You pray every year that you could find someone great, and they’re going to have a great career afterward. I have a feeling that’s going to happen to our artists tonight,” Cowell said.

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