Singer Jimmy Buffett Dies After Four-Year Battle with Rare Skin Cancer

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Singer Jimmy Buffett Dies After Four-Year Battle with Rare Skin Cancer

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Musician Jimmy Buffett died on September 1 after a four-year battle with Merkel cell carcinoma—a rare type of skin cancer.

“The beloved singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett passed away at his home in Sag Harbor, Long Island on Friday September 1, 2023 surrounded by family and friends. Buffett, 76, had been fighting Merkel Cell Skin Cancer for four years. He continued to perform during treatment, playing his last show, a surprise appearance in Rhode Island, in early July,” his website shared.

In an interview with PEOPLE, Jimmy Buffett’s sister Laurie McGuane, who also fought cancer, opened up about her last moments with the singer.

“We shared a club that nobody wants to join,” she shared. “I am thunderstruck that Jimmy didn’t make it.”

ABC NEWS shared more on the story and this type of cancer.

“Merkel cell carcinoma is much less common than the main types of skin cancer, such as basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma. MCC is very rare — about 40 times rarer than melanoma — with an estimated 3,000 cases every year in the U.S., according to the Skin Cancer Foundation (SCF).”

According to the Mayo Clinic, “The first sign of Merkel cell carcinoma is usually a fast-growing, painless nodule (tumor) on your skin. The nodule may be skin-colored or may appear in shades of red, blue or purple. Most Merkel cell carcinomas appear on the face, head or neck, but they can develop anywhere on your body, even on areas not exposed to sunlight.”

The cancer is more common in older people and develops most often on areas exposed to the sun.

Buffett was known for hits such as “Margaritaville,” “Come Monday,” and “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere.” 

According to his website, “Buffett is survived by his wife of 46 years, Jane (Slagsvol) Buffett, his daughters Savannah Jane (Joshua) and Sarah Delaney, his son Cameron Marley (Lara), his grandson Marley Ray.” 

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