Tasha Cobbs Leonard Sings ‘O Holy Night’ To ‘Take the Name of Jesus to the World’

Photo from Tasha Cobbs Leonard’s Instagram

Tasha Cobbs Leonard Sings ‘O Holy Night’ To ‘Take the Name of Jesus to the World’

By Movieguide® Staff

Christian gospel artist Tasha Cobbs Leonard recently appeared on FOX & FRIENDS to perform songs off her brand new album called, ‘Hymns.’

Cobbs Leonard performed her rendition of ‘O Holy Night,’ and explained the purpose and mission behind her music, which she sees as a gift to be given.

“My entire family sings. We were made to sing. At about fifteen years old I sang my first solo in front of a crowd and I realized there was something different, my parents looked at me and said, ‘that is different.’ From that moment until this one, they have always supported and cultivated the gift,” she explained.

“The mission is to take the name of Jesus Christ to the world and to push everybody forward into purpose,” she added.

Cobbs Leonard, a mother of four, said that she hopes the younger generation will learn from her songs just as she learned from songs during her childhood.

“I think many of us, if we think back, a lot of the lessons and the things that we know about the bible about church, we learned it through song. So I want this generation to listen to our sings and say twenty years from now, ‘Man, I learned that from one of Tasha’s songs,’” she said.

As for her amazing voice, Cobbs Leonard said that she is thankful to God for the gift of song and wants to share that through her music.

“You have a gift and then it’s what you do with it that matters,” she said. “So everyday I am working to make sure that I am exercising the gift.”

Watch her performance here: Tasha Cobbs Leonard performs ‘O Holy Night’ live on ‘Fox & Friends’