Tasha Layton Reflects on How God Used Her Time on AMERICAN IDOL

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Tasha Layton Reflects on How God Used Her Time on AMERICAN IDOL

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Christian artist Tasha Layton got her start on AMERICAN IDOL and soon after toured the nation with Katy Perry. She’s opening up about how God has used those experiences.

Layton once considered her time on AMERICAN IDOL a detour in her life.

“I wasn’t sure why I was doing that show,” she began to say in an interview with THE 700 CLUB. She added, “But I think looking back I can see how God used that show to sort of give me an idea of how I could be ministering outside of the church.”

Once Layton finished her time on AMERICAN IDOL, she felt called to sing in more secular spaces.

“So, when I left the show, I thought, you know, I think I’m supposed to be doing music outside of the church, and I told my pastor, and he said, you know, we’ve known that for years, Tasha. We’ve just been waiting for you to figure it out,” she recalled.

Before her success, Layton experienced hurt in the church that left her feeling depressed.

Movieguide® previously reported:

Christian singer Tasha Layton is opening up about how her faith helped her through a dark moment in her life.

“I grew up in the church, but I really started to get excited about God and my faith when I was at a particular church in my teen years,” Layton shared with Woman’s World. “I joined the youth worship team. I went on mission trips. I did all kinds of stuff, but then I was really wounded by a church leader.”

This hurt led her to explore other religions, visiting a Buddhist meditation camp, a synagogue and a mosque, but she didn’t “find what I was looking for.”

“In all those other religions, I didn’t find the peace that passes understanding,” she said. “I didn’t find the power to transform. That power was what I really needed. I needed the power of healing.”

She felt there was no one to turn to except for when she “realized Jesus was the only one.”

Now, Layton has written a book, “Look What You’ve Done: The Lies We Believe & the Truth That Sets Us Free,” that “delves into Tasha’s journey of finding freedom in Jesus through life’s twists and turns.”

“Tasha takes readers through her early days in small town South Carolina, to her big breakthrough as background singer on stage with Katy Perry, to the mission field in Kenya and beyond. Across many countries and all her days, the truest constant in Tasha’s life has been the presence of God in both the highs and the lows,” the summary continues.

Layton hopes that “the pages I’ve written in this book will point you to true freedom,” she wrote on an Instagram post.

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