Tauren Wells, Lorna Wells Announce Plans For New Church: ‘Vision Is Clear’

Photo from Tauren Wells’ Instagram

Tauren, Lorna Wells Announce Plans For New Church: ‘Vision Is Clear’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Christian musician Tauren Wells and wife Lorna are celebrating the 10-year culmination of their dream to establish their own church. 

“I was practicing piano,” Wells recalled when their dream began. “And a professor came into my school and said, ‘Tauren, are you called to preach?’ I said, ‘Yes, Sir, I think I am.’ He said, ‘Don’t get too wrapped up in the music.’ I now understand that the full assignment has not been songwriting and performing; the rest of the essay is still yet to be written.”

He continued, “There’s a moment where I saw the verse in Revelation 2:17 that said ‘To the one who overcomes, I will give a white stone with the name engraved on it that only they know,’ and that word ‘white stone’ leapt off the page and it was when I was really dreaming about this.”

A few years later, he and Lorna were traveling through Austin, Texas, when the couple received a sign. 

“We were driving up to where our family vacations and we crossed Whitestone Blvd., and we were in the car with her cousin Clayton and we were driving past this rock quarry and he pointed to the rock quarry and he said that’s where they dig out all of the Texas limestone,” the musician explained. “And that limestone is called white stone, he said. Georgetown is built on a white. Austin is built on white stone. Liberty Hill is built on white stone…We believe that your life is built on a white stone.” 

Now, the Wells’ plan to open the Church of Whitestone in January 2024. 

The church’s website lists its vision statement as “Discovering your God-authored identity through whole-hearted relationship with Jesus” and encourages people to find the “part of ourselves that we haven’t even met yet.”

The couple also spoke about their excitement for the Church of Whitestone in an Instagram post, writing, “Through the planting of a vibrant, life-giving, community of faith, Church of Whitestone, we are assuming our calling as Lead Pastors of the church that God placed in our heart more than 10 years ago. The vision is clear, ‘helping people discover their God-authored identity through whole hearted relationship with Jesus,’ and the time is now.”

Movieguide® previously reported on Wells:

Christian artist and worship leader Tauren Wells is sharing his thoughts on worship music today, as well as what he wants listeners to take away from his music. 

“We just have not done a very good job of leading from our weaknesses, from leading from our wounds,” Wells explained, referring to people’s preference of putting on a fake image, rather than appearing vulnerable.

Wells shared that he feels this also comes across in Christian music, as well. 

“Most Christian songs that you hear, it’s resolved in three minutes or less. You’re at the absolute bottom, and it doesn’t seem like there’s any way out – but then, by the end, life is amazing, and Jesus is good,” he explained. 

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