Teen Stuns AMERICAN IDOL Judges With Original Song About Faith

Photo from Jennifer Jeffries’s Instagram

Teen Stuns AMERICAN IDOL Judges With Original Song About Faith

By Movieguide® Contributor

A high school senior wowed AMERICAN IDOL’s judges with her powerful performance of an original Christian song. 

“The songs I write, they’re about personal things, things I’ve been through, just things that I’ve witnessed,” Jennifer Jeffries explained of her song, “Change My Ways.” “I write them so people can connect with them and know they’re not alone because a lot happens in your life, a lot of pain but a lot of joy. So I try to capture both.”

“Change My Ways” explores Jeffries’ relationship with God and how she understands the need to turn to God in good times and bad. 

The lyrics read:

I’ve got a Bible on my desk 

With no highlights, creases 

Oh, pages are still crisp

I have been feeding the flesh,

I have been living in sin.

My mouth’s been running wild,

And I’ve been acting like a wild child.

The song ends with Jeffries committing to her relationship with God, singing, “I’ve finally changed / Lord, make your ways my ways.”

The 17-year-old impressed the judges with her “amazingly unique” voice, and she was sent to Hollywood.

“I’m at a loss of words right now!” Jeffries posted on Instagram. “I cannot express how thankful i am to be going to HOLLYWOOD!!!! LETS GOOOOO WE GOT THE GOLDEN TICKET.”

Jeffries has shared her faith-based songs online before. A post from 2022 shows her performing a song “about the misconception I had of God and Christianity.”

“Only being loved by God while in the church. Being a flaw in Gods design. Being dammed to hell for all my wrong doings,” the singer listed. “I have never been more glad to be so wrong. Gods love isn’t paper thin. It’s not confined to stay between four walls. We feel we have no worth but God thought we were worth dying for. As Christian’s no sin can keep us out of heaven. And no sin can keep of from the love and forgiveness of God, who is omnipresent. We shouldn’t use grace as an excuse for sin, but we shouldn’t use sin as an excuse not to forgive.”

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