Teenagers Spend 31 Hours Online Weekly

A study in the United Kingdom overseas has found that teenagers are spending an average of 31 hours weekly on the Internet.

The study by www.cybersentinel.co.uk found that about 3.5 of those hours are spent communicating with friends and about two hours on YouTube and in chat rooms. Also, just over one hour is devoted to looking at cosmetic surgery procedures, including breast enlargements and collagen implants. Another 1.5 hours are spent on pregnancy and “family planning sites, and about one hour and 35 minutes investigating weight loss and diets. Finally, at least three hours are spent online each week working on homework.

One quarter, or 25%, of the 1,000 teenagers polled said they regularly speak to strangers online but think it is harmless.

– Source:  The Telegraph, 02/10/09.