Television Guide: TRUTH BE TOLD

 ** Honesty Is the Best Policy **


Quality: * * *     Acceptability: +1

Language: None

Violence: None

Sex: None

Nudity: N



AIR DATE: April 16, 2011on the Fox TV Network, 8 p.m., 7 p.m. Central

TIME: 95 minutes

STARRING: Candace Cameron Bure, David James Elliott, Ronny Cox, Belita Morena, Antonia DeNardo, Tina Borek, Chris Brochu, Michael Sheets, Emma Gould

DIRECTOR: Jonathan Frakes


EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Craig Anderson, Brian Wells

WRITER: Wesley Bishop


DISTRIBUTOR: Fox Network/News Corp.


CONTENT: (BBB, N, M) Very strong moral worldview extolling family, marriage and honesty; no foul language; no violence; kissing after wedding vows are taken; man goes behind door to change shirt and not to be seen, but upper male nudity while swimming; no alcohol; no smoking or drugs; and, lying and deceit but rebuked.


GENRE: Comedy




REVIEW: TRUTH BE TOLD is a comical TV movie that fights for family, marriage and honesty.

Annie Morgan is a marriage counselor in Colorado who ironically is single! When Annie attends a charity function, she reunites with Mark Crane, who Annie tutored while in college. Mark was the college football jock who went on to play professional football. Opening his own after-school program, Mark needs funding and decides to attend charity events with his two children in order to find funding. Both Annie and Mark meet Terrance Bishop, who is a wealthy entrepreneur who owns a radio station.

Impressed with Annie’s marriage counseling skills, Bishop offers Anne a radio show on his station; the one gimmick is that she has to bring her family to Bishop’s farm in New Mexico for the weekend. The problem is, Annie is not married, but Bishop had mistook Mark and Annie as married. Both wanting funding for their programs, Mark and Annie decide to pretend to be married for the weekend. 

Even though Annie and Mark feel deceptive about telling Bishop and his family they are married, they see great potential in raising money and getting a radio show. Of course, Bishop’s family asks Annie and Mark prodding questions about their history of being married, and the two continue to make up stories. Even though Mark and Annie are pretending, they are clearly gaining interested in one another. At the same time, Bishop’s son, Jake, is struggling in his own marriage, but Annie knows just what to do and helps counsel Jake and his wife. 

Bishop’s family and Mark’s family bond as they take care of the farm, building fences and herding cows. The farm also provides a lot of fun, including horse back riding, an indoor pool, four wheelers, and even a replica of a western town. Even though everyone seems to be getting along well, the deception still occurs. Will Mark and Annie see the repercussions of their lies?

Clearly showing the importance of family and marriage, TRUTH BE TOLD is very wholesome, with many strong moral elements. The movie is entertaining and truly shows the importance of being honest. Even though this is a made for TV movie, it is entertaining and has a good script. At some points, the conflict is not clear, but overall TRUTH BE TOLD flows very well, with lots of fun.


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