The Bad Outweighs the Good in STAR WARS: VISIONS


The Bad Outweighs the Good in STAR WARS: VISIONS

By Movieguide® Contributor

STAR WARS:VISIONS, streaming on Disney+, is an animated sci-fi series compiled of nine different short film episodes with different takes on the “Star Wars” universe. Seven different Japanese animation studios created these anime shorts all with unique Star Wars perspectives.

The animation studios, Kamikaze Douga, Studio Colorido, Geno Studio, Trigger, Kinema Citrus, Production I.G, and Science SARU were given creative freedom to make the stories how they wanted, with production company Lucasfilms just needing to sign off on end products.

Each episode, or short, tells a completely different story with the only common factor being each one is set in the Star Wars universe with different Star Wars elements, either traditional or new.

The episodes have a wide range in the storylines, but each new story mainly comes down to some overarching war or fight against good and evil – to either save a planet, village, person etc. or to try and seize all power and control. 

There is one story though about something as simple as a band that must perform to save their friend, just as there is one about a little robot that becomes a Jedi. The stories do not connect whatsoever, they just have the same main conflicts and struggles throughout.

It is a never-ending battle between the Jedis and the Siths, good and evil, no matter how different the location or time period of each short is.

In the end, the conflicts of each story come to a point where only one side will come out on top. Will good or evil prevail?

STAR WARS: VISIONS contains a predominately pagan and New Age worldview as the beliefs and actions of the characters completely go against the Bible. They believe in choosing their own destiny, “power that transcends even death”, and other worldly falsehoods. There is heavy use of crystals, magic, evil power, performing rituals – the list goes on. There are slight redeeming qualities seen with love, sacrifice, and loyalty, but the negative worldviews far outweigh them. 

There is no language, just characters speaking harshly/violently with one another. The violence is extreme. There are constant explosions, bombings, and crashes; as well as non stop fighting, use of guns, swords, and machines- resulting in numerous deaths with blood depicted sometimes.

There is no nudity or sex, as well as no smoking or drugs. One character mentions his drink not being strong enough but unsure if it is referring to alcohol. There is an extreme amount of miscellaneous immorality including but not limited to: lying, stealing, killing, kidnapping, revenge, greed, and bad role models. 

There are also worldview issues with characters thinking they decide their own destiny, characters thinking they are one with/can unite with nature, and characters using crystals for power as well as magic and rituals.

Aside from all of that, the production quality of STAR WARS:VISIONS is unique and well done. Each episode was created by different people so each episode has a different look to it- from the way it was sketched, to the colors and shades used, and every other tiny detail. The quality of the work created is impressive, even down to the writing. The only questionable part is the overall worldviews tying into everything. Again, each story varies as some are better than others, but the shorts do a good job of keeping viewers engaged. 

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