THE CHOSEN Season 4 Nabs No. 2 Spot at Box Office

THE CHOSEN Season 4 Nabs No. 2 Spot at Box Office

By Movieguide® Contributor

As storylines crescendo to critical points, THE CHOSEN Season 4’s opening theatrical release drew in a large audience, grabbing the number two spot at this weekend’s box office.

The three-hour sequence of the first three episodes grossed over $6 million across 2,263 theaters nationwide. This set of episodes remains in theaters through Feb. 14 before episodes 4-6 are released. The final two episodes of the season will come to theaters Feb. 29 through March 10 before Angel Studios begins rolling out the entire season across multiple streaming platforms.

THE CHOSEN Season 4 promises to bring the series to greater highs and deeper lows as Jesus begins his journey toward the cross.

“The first three episodes of Season 4 throw you right into the deep end – and the heavy stuff immediately begins rising to the surface. Private plots go public. loyalties come into clear view. From John the Baptist’s conflict with Herod to Jesus’ collision-course with the authorities, there’s no hiding anymore. It’s all becoming stark. Black and White,” the show said on social media along with a new trailer for the first three episodes.

Throughout the leadup to the season’s release, the cast has warned that Season 4 is the heaviest yet. Now that it has hit theaters, audiences agree. Thousands of fans have responded to THE CHOSEN’s social media posts discussing the ways the show has left them in shock and awe.

“Still reeling. Hands over my mouth. Tears in my eyes. Jesus is so real to me. These three episodes are stunning on so many levels. So proud to be supporting this series financially, prayerfully, and socially,” one fan said.

“I’ve never left a theater in such silence except for the sound of sniffles from tears,” added another fan. “It’s going to take watching these episodes multiple times to absorb everything.”

Movieguide® previously reported:

THE CHOSEN Season 4 hits theaters on Feb. 1, and the cast and crew of the hit Christian TV series took to the Teal Carpet to reflect on the show.

While this season is expected to be darker than previous seasons, Jonathan Roumie, who plays Jesus, told Movieguide® why it’s important to have a “glimmer of hope.” 

“Because that’s the example Jesus gave us. He gave us the example of His life as a proof of a reason to hope,” Roumie said. “And I think by people connecting to Him however it happens—whether through Bible, through church, through a television show—that gets them to go to church, gets them to open the Bible, all of that leads back to the evidence of hope.”

THE CHOSEN’s creator and director, Dallas Jenkins, explained why the show doesn’t hold back when it comes to difficult topics.

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