THE CHOSEN To Be Available in 600 Languages Under New Partnership

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THE CHOSEN To Be Available in 600 Languages Under New Partnership

By Movieguide® Staff

THE CHOSEN recently partnered with a nonprofit organization called Come and See Foundation to translate their TV series about the life of Jesus Christ into 600 languages worldwide.

Come and See plans to dub THE CHOSEN for 100 languages and offer subtitles for 500 more. The show is currently available on the Come and See Foundation app, which will also offer “Bible Roundtables” and other content.

“This new partnership with Come and See supercharges our efforts,” Creator and director Dallas Jenkins said. “We’re able to produce episodes bigger and faster, get them translated into more languages, and market the show on a scale previously impossible.”

“The Chosen is such a dynamic and powerful story,” Stan Jantz, CEO of the Come and See Foundation, said. “With the formation of the Come and See Foundation, our plan is to take The Chosen around the world, reaching much of the World’s population, so they are able to experience Jesus in their native tongue.”

Movieguide® previously reported on THE CHOSEN team’s efforts to translate the TV show:

The crowd-funded series about the life of Jesus, THE CHOSEN, boomed to 260 million views in just two seasons and continued to grow by sharing the story of Jesus with global audiences.

Season 1, which premiered in 2019, is now available in 90 languages, and Season 2 is translated in 30, according to Christian Headlines.

THE CHOSEN director Dallas Jenkins announced that the series would span seven seasons.

Executive Producer Derral Eves revealed that THE CHOSEN team’s goal is to reach 1 billion people with the show.

“We’re going to get it out to a billion people, and we won’t stop at anything until Jesus comes,” Eves told Christian Headlines. “That’s the only thing that will stop us – if Jesus comes.”

Part of that effort is to make the series available in different countries, Eves said.

“From day one, when we realized that we wanted to get this out to a billion people, we had to figure out an international play,” Eves explained. “And the best way to go international is to make the app available for anyone in the world from any country to download. And it is available in almost every country.”

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