THE CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES: PART 2 Contains Strong Biblical Imagery, But …


THE CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES: PART 2 Contains Strong Biblical Imagery, But …

By Movieguide® Staff

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THE CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES: PART TWO is an adventure-filled family Christmas movie about a former elf who wants to take the star that powers the North Pole for his own greedy motives, unless Santa and his team band together to stop him.

The movie begins in the most unlikely of places for a picturesque holiday, Mexico. Kate, who’s now a teenager since the last time viewers saw her in the first CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES, sits on a beach with her big brother and watches her mother and her mother’s boyfriend, Bob, dance. Although she’s in a worldly paradise, Kate can’t help but feel she’s missing out on all the Christmas festivities with her friends back in Boston.

Kate hatches a plan to go home early. However, when Bob’s son, Jack, stows away on the golf cart that’s supposedly taking them to the airport shuttle, things get complicated. Turns out, the golf cart driver is the villain who wants to get into The North Pole! The villain, who’s still unnamed at this point, tosses Kate and Jake into a wormhole that leads them to the North Pole, where Santa rescues them from the cold.

Santa’s wife, Mrs. Claus, comforts Kate and Jack and before tucking them into bed, reads a story, The Christmas Chronicles, where viewers learn about the power of the star that powers the North Pole, which draws from the real star of Bethlehem from the Bible. During this storytime, Kate and Jack also hear about Belsnickle, an elf who became greedy and naughty to the point where he lost his elf body and became a human as punishment.

Unknown to Kate and Jack, Belsnickle was the golf cart driver in the wormhole, and he’s now at the North Pole. If Santa and the others don’t watch out, Christmas could be gravely impacted for the rest of time!

THE CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES is an engaging Christmas movie that has high stakes, plenty of jeopardy, and a conflict with a clear resolution. In fact, the movie functions similarly to THE SANTA CLAUS movies with Tim Allen but with a fun flare for current audiences. The writers do a great job of linking both the first movie in the series to this one. Older viewers who are familiar with Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn will enjoy seeing them in their roles as Santa and Mrs. Claus.

THE CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES: PART TWO has a strong moral worldview with both Christian and Romantic elements. For instance, the star that powers the North Pole draws from the energy of the Star of Bethlehem. Also, the star’s imagery provides light, which is viewed positively. That said, there are some magical elements, and Santa is the only one who can harness the star’s power, so there’s no mention of the star as God’s creation. Also, “the spirit of Christmas” is valued more than Jesus as the reason for the season. Finally, one villain complains about humans but it’s clear he’s just crabby.

MOVIEGUIDE® advises caution for younger children due to the Santa Claus magic, the vague Christmas message and light action violence in Part Two of THE CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES.

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