THE CROODS 2: A NEW AGE Gets Thanksgiving Release Date

Screenshot via THE CROODS 2 Official Trailer (2020) A New Age, Animation Movie HD on YouTube

THE CROODS 2: A NEW AGE Gets Thanksgiving Release Date

By Allyson Vannatta, Senior Writer

Universal announced that the sequel to 2013’s hit movie THE CROODS will hit theaters this Thanksgiving.

THE CROODS 2: A NEW AGE follows the Crood family as they search for a new place to live. When they come across a “walled-in paradise that meets all their needs,” they think they’ve found a forever home.

However, another family is already living there.

The Bettermans have an “elaborate tree house, amazing inventions and irrigated acres of fresh produce” and “are a couple of steps above the Croods on the evolutionary ladder,” according to a press release for the movie.

The lifestyle differences are quickly realized by the two families and tensions start to rise.

But, when they journey outside the wall, the two families are in for an adventure of a lifetime.

The adventure “Will force them to embrace their differences, draw strength from each other and forge a future together,” the press release states.

Movieguide® can’t comment on the quality and acceptability of THE CROODS 2: A NEW AGE since we haven’t seen the movie yet. We hope this movie will bring more family-friendly content to the big screen this fall.

THE CROODS made over $500 million at the worldwide box office in 2013 with its family-friendly messages of “the importance of sticking together and loving each other in the midst of everything,” according to Movieguide®’s review.

At the 22nd Annual Movieguide® Awards, THE CROODS was recognized as the third best movie for families in 2013.

Directors Kirk DeMicco and Chris Sanders accepted the award.

“Our film was filled with cavemen, but what it was about was faith and family and following the Light,” Sanders said. “We really want to thank Movieguide® for recognizing that. This is really great because I get a chance to thank my really good friend, Kirk, for doing most of it. I was just hanging around in the background opening and closing the blinds when it got too warm or cold.”

DeMicco said, “Thank you to my wife, who’s home with our 2-year-old twins. When we travel with the movie around the world, everywhere we went, every country we went to, people would say to us [things like] this is a very traditional Chinese father-daughter story. Everywhere we went, everyone would take it as their own, because it’s the story of a dad overcoming his fear and embracing home. So thank you for recognizing that.”

Check back soon for our full review of THE CROODS 2: A NEW AGE.

In the meantime, here’s the trailer for the upcoming movie.

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