The Gag-a Factor on GLEE


Born This Way? We Don’t Think So!

By Dr. Tom Snyder, Editor of Movieguide®

Our mission at Movieguide® concentrates on promoting positive values – the Good, the True and the Beautiful – in terms of a biblical worldview that’s Christian and family friendly.

In fulfilling that mission, we would much rather promote good family entertainment with

Christian, biblical content and values than constantly harp on the evil, despicable things that pass for “entertainment” these days. Sometimes, however, we need to speak out forcefully, and let the chips fall where they may.

I have never watched this TV show, but in recent weeks, I’ve been catching up with what’s happening on Fox TV’s popular show GLEE, not only because I like good music and dancing but also because the show reportedly is a favorite among teenagers and young adults, including the all important demographic (for TV advertisers) of 18-49 year olds.

What I’ve seen is certainly entertaining, and sometimes funny, but it’s also thoroughly despicable and irrational. The most recent episode, which aired Tuesday (April 26), is a case in point.

In the show, the episode’s main dance number was a cover of Lady Gaga’s song, “Born This Way.”

According to Ali Semigran of MTV (http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1662734/glee-lady-gaga-born-this-way.jhtml), “The track’s inspirational lyrics, aimed in particular at the LGBT [sodomite] community, echo the very sentiment creator Ryan Murphy tries to convey each week on the popular series.”

Thus, during the GLEE number, one of the male students has a T-shirt referring to the derogatory term for having to wear glasses, “Four Eyes,” another male student wears a T-shirt declaring his perverted homosexual lifestyle (“Likes Boys”) and a female student has a T-short declaring her perverse lesbian inclinations with the code word “Lebanese.” Consequently, the number encourages people to flaunt their lusts, physical and mental handicaps, lifestyles, and behaviors, no matter how questionable, immoral or perverse. In other words, it’s the mindless 1960s mentality all over again: Do your own thing.

The belief that so-called “gays” or homosexuals were “born that way,” as the number implies, is irrational and unscientific per se. Following the same line of inane thinking, can’t a pedophile or a racist or an Anti-Semite who hates Jewish people and Israel, say the same thing? Not only that, but there is no scientific study showing that having homosexual desires is an inherited genetic proclivity, or that having such desires is inevitable for anyone. In fact, the actual evidence shows that sexual desires and behavior are learned. Thus, for example, if a child is abused by an adult or a relative at a young age, the chances that the child will also engage in pedophilia or incest as an adult are increased dramatically. Consequently, if society, and TV shows like GLEE, promote homosexual behavior among children and young people, the chances that more people will engage in homosexual behavior or homosexual experimentation also will increase dramatically. It has nothing to do with one’s essential being.

So, guess what? As Hollywood and the entertainment industry, and government (including our government-run schools), has increasingly promoted the homosexual agenda of “Do your own thing,” the incidence of public and private homosexual behavior has exploded, along with the rate of deadly sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS.

Be that as it may, where does this idea of “Born This Way” and “Do your own thing” really originate? It comes from at least two converging sources: the Romantic philosophy of Jean-Jacques Rousseau and the secular humanist, communist and atheist attacks on the Bible and on America’s and the West’s Judeo-Christian heritage.



Romanticism says, contrary to biblical teaching, that people are essentially good and noble, and civilization (by which Rousseau, the “father” of Romanticism, meant Christianity) corrupts people. In Romanticism, people are controlled by his “heart” and emotions, not by their intellect or logical mind, and certainly not by God’s Word, the Bible, much less by Jesus Christ and His teachings. Consequently, Romanticism encourages complete self-expression, with virtually no moral or religious guidelines or constraints.

Such an ideology sets the stage perfectly for the politically correct, humanist attacks on Christianity, America and capitalism by doctrinaire socialists, communists and other left-wing radicals. As Communist leader Josef Stalin taught, “America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.”*

Ryan Murphy and the other people behind GLEE are clearly pushing a radical left-wing, pro-homosexual agenda. In fact, just as I was writing this article, Glen Beck showed another song on the show earlier this season that promoted an anti-capitalist, anti-corporate left-wing agenda.

Don’t let your children and teenagers succumb to these Christophobic, Anti-American, Romantic, secular perversions in the mass media. Reject the bad and choose the good. Or, as Romans 12:9 says, “Hate what is evil, cling to what is good.”

Movieguide® has the best solution and most effective strategy for helping you and your family do just that.


* AGENDA: GRINDING AMERICA DOWN, a 2010 documentary on DVD, distributed by Copybook Heading Productions.

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