The Key to Real Media Wisdom

The key to media wisdom is intelligence. Intelligence, as I’ve noted in the past, is not your IQ. Rather, it is the ability to learn from other sources so that you can grow into a discerning, thoughtful, Godly person. In the parlance of the CIA, intelligence is knowing where the weapons of mass destruction are or are not. It is not your bright idea of where they may or may not be.

Sadly, however, multiculturalism, pluralism and political correctness have undermined intelligence and sold us the bill of goods of experiential learning. Experiential learning was a dismal failure when it was tried in the 1960s. It means that you have to try things yourself to find out if they’re good or bad. The ultimate conclusion of experiential learning would be that you have to try murder to find out if murder is wrong, try drugs to find out if drugs are wrong, etc.

The good news is that you can learn from secondary sources. So, you don’t have to put your foot in the trap to know it’s a trap.

Regrettably, a new wave of Christian media courses sends vulnerable children to movies with corrosive, corrupting immorality and philosophy so that the children can talk to their peers about them. This is not media wisdom. Media wisdom is finding out ahead of time that the movie is abhorrent and then choosing to go see a good movie instead. If you want to talk to your friends about the abhorrent movie, you can get all you need to know from Movieguide.org.

Life is short. There are innumerable media choices we can make. Wisdom is going to sources such as MOVIEGUIDE® so that you can choose the good and reject the bad.