‘The Lord Just Spoke To Me:’ Kathie Lee Gifford Discusses Her Work On ‘Profoundly Beautiful’ THE WAY

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‘The Lord Just Spoke To Me:’ Kathie Lee Gifford Discusses Her Work On ‘Profoundly Beautiful’ THE WAY

By Movieguide® Contributor

Kathie Lee Gifford stepped behind the camera for her latest project — PureFlix’s new musical movie THE WAY.  

The Movieguide® Visionary Award winner directed the project, and also served as THE WAY’s narrator. Gifford also co-wrote a song for the movie with recording artist Nicole C. Mullen. 

“It’s so profoundly beautiful because [Nicole] is so profoundly beautiful,” Gifford said of THE WAY. “And it worked and people just reacted to it like crazy. And I initially thought it would be something that she could use in her performances, which she does a lot of symphony concerts, but the reaction and the millions and millions of people that watched it and were totally moved and transformed by it, the Lord just spoke to me and said, Kathie, ‘do more, do more.’”

She continued, “So, I did three more with different composer friends and they turned out to be ‘The God of the How and Then,’ ‘The God of His Word,’ ‘The God who Sees,’ with Nicole and the fourth one is called ‘The God of the Other Side.’ And that was made into a film.”

THE WAY marks Gifford’s directorial debut, and the project took the movie’s crew to Israel for some location shoots. 

“I’ve been going to the Holy Land since I was a teenager,” Gifford shared. “It’s my favorite place on the planet. And I was very, you know, upset about COVID to begin with, everybody was. But the fact that I couldn’t go back to Israel and finish shooting everything in Israel where it all happened, the Lord helped us find some amazing locations like in Utah, some places in Texas. And even we shot the prodigal son and updated the prodigal son right here near about a mile from my house with an amazing cast.”

She also shared what she wants people to take away from THE WAY: to learn more about Christianity’s history, as well as a greater understanding of the Jewish faith. 

Movieguide® previously reported on Gifford’s work on THE WAY:

Actress and singer Kathie Lee Gifford has never been shy about her faith in Christ. However, the four-time Emmy Award-winner revealed that her latest set of projects felt like a direct call from God and a unique culmination of her life’s work.

The former TODAY host and TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL star recently sat down with Movieguide®’s Evy Baehr Carroll to discuss her new musical production, THE WAY, and book, “The God of the Way: A Journey into the Stories, People, and Faith That Changed the World Forever,” which she co-wrote with Rabbi Jason Sobel.

THE WAY is a worshipful presentation of the love of Christ and the transforming power of God’s word through the eyes of Hagar, Ruth, David, and Mary Magdalene.

Gifford’s narration throughout the movie is accompanied by the Nashville Symphony Orchestra and talented artists like Nicole C. Mullen, Danny Gokey, Jimmie Allen, Larry Gatlin, BeBe Winans, and more.

Gifford said that THE WAY is her most personal project yet and that her inspiration came from years of a personal relationship with God.

“[THE WAY] started out as just a three minute song about Hagar, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit,” she told Movieguide®. “It became a piece of theatre. I recognized that immediately because it’s been my language for the last 25 years in my work-life.”

“I said, ‘Oh, Lord, so this is a performance piece, what do you want me to do with it?’” she continued.

Gifford said that she used the money saved from a previous book, “The Rock, The Road, and The Rabbi,” to help fund the making of THE WAY. Shortly after paying the Nashville Symphony Orchestra, Gifford said that she and her co-writer, Nicole C. Mullen, left for Israel to shoot scenes to make THE WAY a feature-length movie.

“I’ve never directed before and I felt like the Lord saying, ‘Now’s the time. Now, you’re no longer cast,’” Gifford explained.

After years spent in front of the camera, Gifford said that she felt a call from God to direct from behind a camera.

“I just kept moving on to the next thing, grateful to God for His faithfulness. But when I took Nicole to Israel for five days, and we shot the ‘God Who Sees,’ it was an absolute turning point for me. It was a moment of ‘Oh my Lord, this is why I was born.’ I’d wanted to be an actress, a singer and a writer all my life. I am all those things, but directing it all, in something that I’ve written to bring to a motion picture screen? I said, ‘Lord, really?’”

Gifford, who grew up Jewish, converted to Christianity as a 12-year-old. Recalling her humble beginnings, Gifford said the Lord told her the exact words then that she hears from God every day now, ‘Trust me.’

“When I accepted him when I was 12 years old, at a little movie theater as a little Jewish girl, receiving Jesus into her heart… He said ‘Trust me, Kathy. Trust me Kathy, and I’ll make something beautiful out of your life.’ I had no idea what he meant by that. I just believed him,” she said. “That’s what I want the most from people who come see this movie. [Who are] wondering where their story fits, does anybody care about their story? I hope they’re gonna hear the voice of Yeshua say to them, ‘Trust me, and I will make something beautiful out of your life too. I will use you for My glory if you let me.’”

“I just want people to know him personally,” she continued. “I want them to understand that they shouldn’t be afraid of him, they should welcome his presence into their life. He’s the answer to all their prayers. He’s the answer to all their needs. He’s the healing for all their hurts. And they just don’t know it. They just don’t know it. They don’t even believe he exists, much less that He cares.”

Gifford hopes that THE WAY and “The God of the Way” will also encourage believers to live boldly in Christ and show a fallen world the radical love of the Gospel.

“That’s what we’re supposed to do as believers in Yeshua is, first of all, live loving lives that show them, be a model of what Jesus’s love looks like—but then just tell them, it’s a simple thing. Don’t preach at them, don’t judge them. Just love them in his name. And you can’t even believe the miracles that will abound. When we just do the simple thing he said to do, ‘Go out and make disciples of all people, of all nations.’”

“Gospel means ‘good news’ in Greek,” Gifford continued. “The good news that God loves you and sent his Son to die for us, that we might have hope and eternal life. That’s all this movie is about. But it’s presented in a brand new way, stories, ancient stories for those who know the Bible somewhat, but brand new stories for a whole world of people that don’t even believe in God, much less know that he loves them.

“That’s our challenge as believers in Yeshua, are we going to have the courage to walk out on the water and keep our eyes on Jesus?”

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