This Series Should Be Graded “F”


ABC’s primetime hit series, MODERN FAMILY changes the whole role of television. This week will have the plot center around the 2-year-old character Lily saying the “F-word.” This brings up another question, “Exactly how low will a network go for publicity?”

For those not familiar with this series, it focuses on an extended family, including a homosexual couple, who have adopted a child, Lily. The “parents” are upset because the tot is about to be a flower girl in a wedding, and they don’t want her to say the expletive at an inappropriate moment. So much for genuine family values!

The producers have told us not to worry. The actress who plays Lily didn’t really say the offensive word. They had her say the word “fudge” instead and have bleeped her out and digitally blurred her mouth. While we are glad to hear that a toddler actress wasn’t really taught the word in actuality, it’s small consolation given the impact that this scene played out on Broadcast TV will have, and the message it sends.

The series could be seen as simply more propaganda for acceptance of obscene hedonism. Making things like the “F-word” cool.  Many find the series funny and the writers and actors have created comedic fun out of a family’s dysfunction. But, along the way, they have defined that a “modern family” is just like the dysfunctional family in MODERN FAMILY.

 “The fact that many will pass this off as ‘harmless’ comedy is a symptom of the larger problem of the decline of morality in our culture today.” says Dr. Ted Baehr, founder of Movieguide®, the family guide to movies and entertainment. 

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