Tim Tebow Foundation Shares How Parents Can Keep Kids Safe Online

Photo from Tim Tebow’s Instagram

Tim Tebow Foundation Shares How Parents Can Keep Kids Safe Online

By Movieguide® Contributor

The Tim Tebow Foundation has four helpful tips for parents hoping to keep their children safe online. 

“There are an estimated 500,000 online predators active each day, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation,” the organization posted on Instagram. “They say children between the ages of 12 and 15 are especially susceptible to being groomed or manipulated by adults they meet online.”

They continued, “These are four actions that parents and caregivers can take right now to help prevent their children from ending up in a dangerous situation online.”

The first step parents can take is to “gather around the dinner table every night” and have face-to-face conversations that can get kids to open up about things that are going on in their lives. 

“Educate your child on internet safety,” the post continued, calling conversations about this topic “crucial.”

The Time Tebow Foundation also urged parents to “establish guardrails for technology use,” in much the same way we teach children not to speak to strangers. 

Lastly, “Learn the apps your children are using.”

“You can learn about what safety features you need to turn on, while also taking an interest in what they’re playing and learning,” the post continued. 

The organization provides parents with a more detailed internet safety plan on their website, with a tactical plan they can download.

“We won’t gain ground on the fight against the exploitation of children or human trafficking until they know there is an army of people standing against them,” the website urges

The Tim Tebow Foundation is also dedicated to combating sex trafficking around the world. 

“Having impacted lives in 86 nations and counting, TTF continues to pursue the vision of finding, reaching, and fighting for the Most Vulnerable People in every country worldwide, while sharing with them about the God who created them in His own image and who loves them with a perfect and lasting love,” their website reads

Movieguide® previously reported on TTF’s mission:

Former NFL star Tim Tebow knew his God-given purpose from a young age.

“One of the greatest calls on my life is to fight for people that can’t fight for themselves,” he said on Instagram. “When I was 15 and in the jungles of the Philippines…I met a boy who was born with his feet on backwards. He was a throwaway to his village. But I knew that day he wasn’t a throwaway to God. I probably haven’t done it very well, but I’ve known that I was supposed to fight for boys and girls, men and women, hurting people all around the world that were viewed as less than. Because to God, nobody is.”

Because of that mission, Tebow founded the Tim Tebow Foundation, which is dedicated to fighting for people who can’t fight for themselves.

“Our heart at @timtebowfoundation is to fight for the Most Vulnerable People, the MVP— those who have been viewed as less than, insignificant or cursed, who have been thrown away, abandoned, trafficked or orphaned, or are in need of life-changing medical intervention,” he wrote. “Just as every life is valuable to God, every life is valuable to us at TTF.”

“Since TTF was created 13 years ago, they’ve used their pillars of Faith, Hope, and Love to positively impact those in need in 86 nations and counting,” Inspire More reported.

The foundation has several practical ways it ministers to MVPs: Orphan Care + Prevention, Profound Medical Needs, Special Needs Ministry and Anti-Human Trafficking + Child Exploitation.

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