Timothy Plan Applauds Faith Values At Movieguide® Awards

Timothy Plan Applauds Faith Values At Movieguide® Awards

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor 

Christian investment organization, Timothy Plan lauded the 28th annual Movieguide Awards in a recent press release for the ministry’s commitment to faith and family values.

Timothy Plan founder, Art Ally, and his wife, Bonnie Ally, attended the star-studded event hosted at the Avalon Theater Friday, January 24th in Hollywood, California.

Timothy Plan is a family of award-winning, faith-based mutual funds. For over twenty years, they have existed to help advisors and investors achieve their financial goals through a pro-life, pro-family approach to investing—not only to benefit the investor but the broader culture.”

Timothy Plan noted their special connection to one of our nominees:

Timothy Plan has a special connection to the “Unplanned” film. In March 2019, Timothy Partners Ltd., of Timothy Plan—biblically responsible mutual funds and ETFs, bought out seven Orlando-area movie theaters that featured the pro-life movie. Free tickets were offered to moviegoers to experience the film that provided “an eye-opening look inside the abortion industry from a woman who was once its most passionate advocate.”

Stay tuned for the full list of winners after the award show airs on Hallmark Channel on February 24th.

Movieguide® and Timothy Plan, have enjoyed a wonderful partnership this last decade because of both organizations’ shared mission of cultivating family entertainment options.

The announcement further demonstrates Timothy Plan’s mission to effectively and efficiently help families invest based in biblical values and how that corresponds with the media:

Family/entertainment makes up one of eight Timothy Plan biblical screens, which consist of five cultural screens and three social screens with multiple subcategories. Companies with one or more violations are removed as an investment option. This information is actively updated and communicated to the Timothy Plan fund managers for compliance and accountability.

At the core of the family/entertainment screen is the realization that families are the foundation of the culture. The screen identifies companies engaged in anti-family entertainment through the promotion of violence, language, sex and drugs through advertisements, media, games, stores, establishments and publications.

Movieguide® continues to be inspired by the shared values of our partners, and we are encouraged to continue to promote media-wisdom and the heart of our ministry.


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