Top Scholars and Experts Confirm the Truth of Christianity

A new survey recently showed that 70% of people in Great Britain doubted the biblical account of the birth of Jesus Christ but they are “gravely mistaken,” says Dr. Ted Baehr, a professional scholar and theologian who founded The Christian Film & Television Commission® ministry in 1985.

Christianity is true as well as historical, factual and “intellectually sound,” Dr. Baehr asserted.

“Top scholars, historians and experts have confirmed that the Bible is the most historically and intellectually reliable ancient text in the whole world, including the Bible’s account of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and the apostles and disciples who wrote the New Testament documents,” Dr. Baehr said.

He cited the work of numerous top scholars, historians and experts, such as C.S. Lewis, Gary Habermas, F.F. Bruce, William Lane Craig, John A.T. Robinson, John Warwick Montgomery, Bruce Metzger, Simon Greenleaf, Stuart C. Hackett, J. Gresham Machen, Ronald Nash, Edwin Yamauchi, Craig Blomberg, John Wenham, Lee Strobel, Paul Maier, and N.T. Wright.

“These people are wonderfully astute thinkers, investigators and writers,” Dr. Baehr said. “They have refuted all of the important lies, half-truths and silly comments against Jesus, His apostles, the Bible, and Christianity made by non-Christians and even by some allegedly former Christians.”

“Not only can you have complete faith in the New Testament documents and what they say about the virgin birth, divinity, crucifixion, resurrection, and teachings of Jesus Christ,” Dr. Baehr said, “but you can also rely on what they say about non-Christian places, people and events, such as the names and titles of Roman government officials.

“Jesus is both God and Man,” he added. “He was born of a virgin, never sinned in His life, died for our sins, and rose on the third day. Turn away from your sins and faults, believe in Jesus and His teachings, and be baptized in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.”