Trailer Trash

Entertainment Weekly reports that the largest theater chain, Regal Entertainment Group, will now allow the so-called “red-band” trailers in front of their R-rated movies.
What does that mean for you? It means that while you’re trying to juggle that giant tub of popcorn and are attempting to get your sneaker unstuck from the multiplex floor, you’ll be “treated” to previews that have no “filter” on them. Any scenes of sex and nudity from an R-rated movie will be fair game to be in the trailer. In the past, “green-band” trailers were the rule. These are trailers that are G-rated for all audiences.
A Universal Pictures marketing exec says about this new development, “I’m euphoric.” And that, “It’s important to the business. . . .”
We don’t doubt that. But frankly that’s not the point.
For now, the studios give us their word that they will carefully make sure that the red-band trailers that are “R” for nudity are only shown in front of movies that are equally rated “R” for nudity. But, two questions arise from that: Whose standards? The bastions of moral guidance, the MPAA? A euphoric marketing exec hungry to lure more teenage boys into their most offensive movies? And the second question, how long will it take until red-band trailers then make their way into PG-13 movies? Or even PG movies?
You might want to linger in the lobby a little longer.